MHC’s Special Rap Olympics

17 Feb


The other day someone sent me a link to the now infamous DJ Hotwheels video, and after watching it a couple dozen times, I decided that we needed a new feature story around here …. SO NOW I BRING YOU ….. THE SPECIAL RAP OLYMPICS!!!!  This competition will feature 8 mentally challenged emcees in single-elimination battles over the next 7 weeks until we can declare a winner!  This will require your help, as you the reader will be voting on each battle every week and determining who will move to the next round.

Hit the cut for a link to some material from each of the emcees and a schedule of the competition!

Oddly enough, I couldn’t find video or embeddable media for each artists so in order to be fair, I have included a link to a sample of each artists’ work.

Autism the Wordsmith


Eli Porter


MC Hotwheels


Slo Mo

Wesley Willis


Week 1: Autism vs. Beetle Juice

Week 2: R-Cube vs. Slo Mo

Week 3: Laz-D vs. Eli Porter

Week 4: MC Hotwheels vs. Wesley Willis

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