Our Lady Fatima [Messinian] – Twilight x The Hardest Way x Let Her Riot x All That You Do

26 Feb


Everyone’s favorte raver rapper debuts another side project he calls Our Lady Fatima.  Unlike his We Don’t Sleep electro house ish, this stuff is more like 80s nuwave … very gothic stuff.  I have had a love/hate relationship w/ Messi for years.  He’s one of my favorite DnB MCs, but his Rhymes Against Humanity album totally threw me off due to its MOP sound, but his new stuff has really made me a fan again.  Diggin it … thats for sure.

PS, watch out for him coming to Indy to perform his electro stuff @ a MHC show somtime this spring hopefully.

Oh yea, I pulled the links from MissingToof.

DOWNLOAD: Our Lady Fatima – Twilight (Touchtones)
DOWNLOAD: Our Lady Fatima – The Hardest Way
DOWNLOAD: Our Lady Fatima – Let Her Riot (21 Guns)
DOWNLOAD: Our Lady Fatima – All That You Do

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