Recession May Lead to End of Pot Prohibition

26 Feb


After hearing that a politician proposted the legalization and taxation of marijuana to balance the state’s budget, it reminded of the end to prohibition.  In 1933, the US was stuck in the middle of the Great Depression.  The Federal and state governments needed taxable income and had become increasingly fed up with the violent crime associated with the black market trade of booze (ie. La Cosa Nostra).  Compare that with today.  The US is settling into a recession that is being forecasted to last for the next year at minimum causing huge deficits at every level of government.  Our prisons are overflowing with non-violent drug offenders.  Our streets are consumed with crime and illegal trade.  The last few years has seen the tide turning in medical marijuana and decriminalization.  Even Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens has suggested that the prohibition of marijuana is no different than that of the failed prohibition of alcohol (Morse v. Fredrick (2007), the second to last paragraph of Stevens’s discent).

Could pot be our economic savior?  God I sound like such a fucking hippie.  I promise that I bathe daily!

Full article @ LA Times

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