Lee “Scratch” Perry – Pum Pum

11 Mar

Lee “Scratch” Perry dropped this video in August, and I didn’t pay much to it then, but a friend IM’ed me the link the other day, so I watched.  I am not gonna say shit about the dude’s music because it didn’t catch my attention nearly as much as how much Scratch resmebled the Leprechaun from all of those bad horror movies.  Seriously … this guy did not age well.  His skin looks like leather and his face just looks trollish in general, especially with that fucking beard.  Photo comparison below the cut.

Lee Perry:


One Response to “Lee “Scratch” Perry – Pum Pum”

  1. grey granite March 17, 2009 at 5:36 pm #

    wow… yeah that boi look crazy!

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