Jay-Z vs. Nas – The Genesis of Beef [Mixtape]

19 Mar


Kevin Nottingham put together an interesting compilation of all the tracks that formed the Jay-Z/Nas beef, and I felt the need to share it.  I already had most of the tunes, but it was nice to have the whole conflict presented concisely in one place.  Dude’s analysis of the beef is a little pointless and feels like it was copied from a wiki, but the mixtape is solid and worth the download.  Oh yea, and you should also check out the interview where Jay-Z outlined his rules for attaining success.

Tracklist below the cut.

DOWNLOAD:  Jay-Z vs. Nas – The Genesis of Beef [Mixtape]
Full story @ KevinNottingham.com

Nas vs Jay-Z

  1. Jay-Z – Dead Presidents (Original)
  2. Jay-Z – The City Is Mine
  3. Jay-Z – Where I’m From
  4. Jay-Z – Rap Game/Crack Game
  5. Nas – We Will Survive
  6. Memphis Bleek – What You Think Of That
  7. Nas – Nastradamus
  8. Nas – Come Get Me
  9. Jay-Z – Come And Get Me
  10. Memphis Bleek – My Mind Right
  11. Nas – Da Bridge 2001
  12. Nas – Eye 4 An Eye (Freestyle)
  13. Nas – Stillmatic (Paid In Full Mix)
  14. Jay-Z – Takeover
  15. Nas – Ether
  16. Nas – You’re Da Man
  17. Jay-Z – Supa Ugly
  18. Nas – U Wanna Be Me
  19. Jay-Z – Blueprint 2
  20. Nas – Last Real Nigga Alive
  21. Nas – Quick To Back Down
  22. Jay-Z – Don’t You Know
  23. Nas & Jay-Z – Black Republican
  24. Jay-Z & Nas – Success
  25. Nas & Jay-Z – I Do It For Hip Hop (with Ludacris)

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