Tyler Stewart – Ladies Like It Deep [Mixtape]

31 Mar


Our boy Stew has been getting silly w/ it lately on the mashup tip, but he brings the Muzique Boutique signature to this deep house mix for the Circle City Mix Show.  I wish homie would have included a track list with this mix, but whatever … If you like good soul music, then you need cop this and play it loud while you smoke a blunt and drink a 40.

DOWNLOAD:  Tyler Stewart – Ladies Like It Deep [Mixtape]

One Response to “Tyler Stewart – Ladies Like It Deep [Mixtape]”

  1. stew April 13, 2009 at 3:14 am #

    1. oriental funk stew – sweet melody (jt donaldson rmx) – amenti music

    2. riverside soul ft chuck love & De Monica – that party feelin (monte hill) – vino

    3. bernard jones & joe milsom ft aren b – thirst – muzique boutique

    4. craig hamilton and esteban carracas – the sleeping cuban – lingo

    5. riverside soul ft chuck love & de monica – walk with the wind (monte hill) – vino

    6. 1200 warriors – just like music (1200 deep mix) – 1200 beats

    7. chuck love – freak technique – large

    8. bernard jones ft aren b – main ingrediants (kink mix) – kolour

    9. joey youngman – twelve bits of love – funkfield

    10. oriental funk stew – sky high (chuck love vocal mix) amenti

    11. chuck love – come around – large

    12. home and garden ft derrick carter – domesticated (derrick carter deepdom mix) om records

    13. ronnie jones – soul sister – Salsoul Records 1977

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