Eminem – Insane x Beautiful x Underground

8 May


I was extremely aprehensive of the new Em album after hearing Crack a Bottle and We Made You, but once I heard 3 A.M., I had a bit of hope that Mr. Mathers would create another amazing album … well Relapse is true to form when it comes to Em albums.  The first single(s) suck ass, but the rest of the album is a psychotic masterpiece.  Insane is exactly that … fucking insane.  Em spends the whole track telling the story of his stepfather raping him in graphic detail, down to the felching.  Beautiful might be his most honest record on the album.  Finally, I have never heard a more menacing Dr. Dre beat than Underground.


DOWNLOAD: Eminem – Insane
BONUS: Eminem – Beautiful
BONUS: Eminem – Underground

One Response to “Eminem – Insane x Beautiful x Underground”

  1. jmeezie May 10, 2009 at 10:42 am #

    nice read man…glad you put those links up beatiful is the best song ive heard by FAR!!!

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