“My Daddy Ate My Eyes!!”

21 May

090515_angelo_mendoza_jr_logo copy

I try not to post terribly tragic shit, but this is just so fucked up that I had to.  The quote is 100% real.  It came from the same little boy you see in the picture.  Recently a Bakersfield man decided to get all wetted up.  While freaking  out like he was in Debo’s chicken coup, the nutter decided that it would be a good idea to carve out his son’s eyeballs and try them as a snack.  This is certainly another piece of my argument to require parenting licenses.  If you can’t meet certain criteria prior to their birth and at regular intervals until the child is 9, your child should be taken away from you permanently.

Full story @ Boing Boing.

One Response to ““My Daddy Ate My Eyes!!””

  1. DatGurlBenz~* September 5, 2009 at 12:21 pm #

    yeah tis was sum shyt. I do hope the lil boy makes it thru this mess without too much trauma…

    that must have been some hell-a-fied dope he had!


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