Would You Hit It?: Pregnant Heidi Klum

21 May


I saw some bullshit yesterday on E! about hot pregnant moms, and I figured that was one of the last “Would You Hit Its” for me to tackle.  As I began to look for celeb prego pics, I really wanted to find a mom that had multiples in her because that shit tends to ruin a woman’s body, but I ended up settling for the hottest mom ever … Heidi Klum.  Everytime Heidi gets knocked up with another one of Seal’s babies, she somehow seems to only gain a potbelly and never gets truly fat.  But can you get over the idea that you are fucking a woman that is visibly pregnant?  Potbelly.  Stretchmarks.  Fat feet.  You know, the whole fucking 9.  Could you do it?  I’m not sure if I could.

Poll below the cut.

One Response to “Would You Hit It?: Pregnant Heidi Klum”

  1. J.Brookinz May 25, 2009 at 1:13 am #

    oh yeah. you have a lot to learn Mr. Gold. there is magic goin on in those nether regions!!! The kind that make you wanna stay home at night and turn your phone off. Trust me dont pass on PP my man!

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