Flick of the Week: Kids (1995)

4 Jul


Recently the topic of favorite club/rave movie came up amongst my friends, and everyone kept mentioning Human Traffic and Groove.  I feel like everyone overlooks Kids as a rave flick, but one of the main plot points is Jenny going to NASA (the classic BreakBeat Science parties) and eating ecstasy.  In addition to the rave element, Kids was a tremendously real look at the life of teenagers in the 90s.  In all honesty, my own wasn’t too much different.  I feel like it was kinda common to spend the day smoking blunts in the park and finding other trouble to get into during the summer.

Go back and take a look at all of the future celebs in this flick.

TORRENT:  Kids.DVDRip.(1995)

One Response to “Flick of the Week: Kids (1995)”

  1. CHL July 6, 2009 at 5:44 pm #

    This movie shook me up when I first saw it… And ROSARIO DAWSON FTW!!!

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