Fed Time 101: How to Survive Federal Prison

6 Jul


Are you about to head to federal prison?  If so, this guy is about to be your Yoda.  Mike Anton runs Wall Street Prison Consultants which is a company that provides advice to recent convicts on their way to prison about how to survive behind bars and even get time off your sentence.  These are all the little tidbits Mike picked up during his decade behind bars for securities fraud and drug distribution.  I like that one of his greatest priorities is to help people avoid being raped behind bars.  Waking up with a cock in my ass is definitely one of my greatest fears of being in lockup.

Oh, and yes, this shit is for real.

Check out WallStreetPrisonConsultants.com

One Response to “Fed Time 101: How to Survive Federal Prison”

  1. jaime woodard November 8, 2009 at 11:16 pm #

    We deserve our lives back.com
    Hello, my name is Jaime Woodard the founder of we deserve our lives back.com and the co-host of a podcast called fantastic felons (with Pete Cossaboon) which is on MySpace and I-tunes. We deserve our lives back.com supports the bill HR1529, The Second Chance Act for first time non-violent ex-offenders. HR 1529 will not cost tax payers; it will reduce recidivism, welfare and increase employment by record numbers. I need your help to spread the word about HR1529 to the community. An article in your publication would help heighten the awareness of this bill which was introduced to congress by Charles Rangel of New York. HR 1529 has died in committee in eight other Congressional Sessions; this session in congress will make its demise number ten. Due to the current scrutiny of Mr. Rangel he may be unable to re-introduce the bill in 2011 therefore our community of non-violent, ex- offenders has a little over a year to spread the knowledge of HR1529. The alternative is finding another member of congress to re-introduce HR1529 in 2011 for the 112th Congressional Session.
    Jaime Woodard (jaimelwoodard@gmail.com)
    201 966 1251

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