Whitney Houston Admits to Smoking Primos

15 Sep


If you are like me, then you probably missed Whitney’s interview with Oprah this week where she admitted to smoking primos or marijuana laced with crack as she called it.  I’m sitting here wondering if that’s really outrageous behavior or did I just grow up a degenerate.  That doesn’t really phase me.  I know a lot of people that have smoked herb laced w/ blow at some point in time in their life.  I was hoping for tales of Whitney and Bobby sucking on a glass dick while having knock-down, drag-out FIST FIGHTS!  Nope, I got this weak shit that sounded more like a story from the trailer park than a celebrity confession.

Oh, and a few months I asked whether or not people would hit (“fuck”) Whitney, and there was a resounding negative response.  How does everyone feel about that now?

Full story @ the Sun

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