Flick of the Week: Raw Deal – A Question of Consent (2001)

24 Sep

I heard about this documentary shortly after discovering Billy Corben’s infamous doc Cocaine Cowboys, and I have been on a mad hunt to find it for a few years.  After a few Google searches recently, I found a copy of it being shared on some random-ass torrent site.  After about two weeks of downloading pieces at a time from unreliable seeders, I finally got it.  I sat down and watched it.  This is easily the most shocking piece of video I have ever seen only because it includes actual video footage of what might be a rape.  Even more fucked up, I cant decide if Lisa Gier King was raped.  This is easily every young man’s worst nightmare.  I would recommend this to any young and sexually active male.

DOWNLOAD:  Raw Deal – A Question of Consent (2001)

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