DJ Nod – Equinox [Mixtape]

27 Sep


The other day Nod linked me with rough cut of his newest mix Equinox, a studio version of his live set from a party of the same name.  When I started listening to it, I knew it was a signature Nod mix.  What can I say?  Dude’s a hippie that loves groovy, tripped out tunes.  This just happens to be the subbass loving side of him.  Don’t expect a mix that you’re gonna want to bump at a party or anything.  This is straight up get-blazed and zone out music.

Tracklist below the cut.

DOWNLOAD:  DJ Nod – Equinox [Mixtape]


  1. jazzsteppa – taylor rain
  2. cringer – gate b5 (abz remix)
  3. cardopusher – twins
  4. roommate – conquer
  5. zeno – false alarm
  6. abz – bad midrange
  7. searchl1te – no badness (ft smokin jo)
  8. zeno – object pool
  9. joint forces – turn me up
  10. benny page – swagger
  11. sully – living
  12. pure phase – depleted uranium
  13. mimosa – flux for life
  14. current value / rodell – requiem (balkansky rework)
  15. hektagon – finders keepers
  16. zeno – regloved remix
  17. selfsimilar – centipede
  18. rumblejunkie – beginning to shake

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