MHC Exclusive Interview w/ Claire Hux

7 Oct


So we’re coming back with our second interview, and this time we were able to link up with the Bmore phenoms Claire Hux!  If you get the chance, make sure you come out Friday for our all ages dance party w/ DLake of CH, Grey Granite, Action Jackson, and Steady B.  Should be a great night of great rhymes and nasty beats.  Now, on w/ the fucking interview!

MHC:  Who’s got more game w/ ladies:  Dlake or Symbol?

Symbol – Probably Daren considering he will fuck any pussy with hair (sometimes without).  Symbol is known to fuck the larger women.  Morsy usually fucks the pregnant girls.

DLake – Nuff said…

Rest of the interview is after the cut.

MHC:  Can you tell me a little bit about the ladies and situations that inspired the song “One Night”?  They sound like some uppity bitches.

Symbol – The whole thing came about when we are out doing shows.  We meet a lot of nice young ladies who want to “chill”.  And when we say chill that’s exactly what they want to do.  My take on it is I have been up on stage in a place I know no one and just made your ass dance.  The least you can do is massage my ballz a bit.  I mean I am only here for one night.  It’s not very PC, but it’s the truth.  I mean we all like to have fun, we just acknowledge what everyone else tries to hide.

DLake – Yes… every symbol said. Ladies seriously need to stop doing that shit. It’s annoying. Giving the number/talking to a dude just for the free drink and then not even calling/answering his text back. SO LAME. So annoying… yes dudes have feelings too. It’s called an “ego” and that shit is fragile and when they do stupid shit like that.. it bruises it.. and we cry a tear… just one tear in the inside.

MHC:  Claire Hux’s last mixtape was titled “Black is the new Wet”.  WTF does that mean?

Symbol – You ever sat butt ass naked in a tub filled with Mr. Bubble and She-ra toys?  Do that and you’ll find out.

DLake – HAHAHHAH. I remember that shit… man them toys would have all that brown “Tub Scuz” as my mom called it on them.. then that ring around the tub would be there. yeah…. thats what happens when black gets wet. hahaha i never even thought of that Symbol. Wow… that dude is creative beyond creative. I actually just came up with it while riding my bike (yes fixed gear) on a long ride into the country and thought it was funny/stupid/witty/ and genius all at the same time. symbol liked it and i guess just made that definition for that. hahahha…

MHC:  Can you give me a little history about Claire Hux?  How did you come together?  What inspired you to make this steez of music?  How did you get picked by Unruly?

Symbol – We picked Unruly.  Daren and I were made to do music together.  CLaire Hux was just a formality, you’re welcome.

DLake – Yeah same with Symbol, we connect 5 years ago by “accident” or on purpose, you’re call. I met him at this random party i didn’t want to go to, but something inside (prolly the universe) told me to go. Many singles, collabing and an indie-rock-electro band later and we became Claire Hux. We are opposities going after the same goal “Make damn good music that is accessible by millions, relatable to everyone, and a true extension of who we are and what we are”.  We really don’t mean to be “diff” and I think that we aren’t that over the top diff when you sit down with it, but we approach shit diff.. well because dammit, WE ARE DIFF. haha. As you read what we listen to below… we aren’t posing at all. this is who we are.

MHC:  Why does Symbol wear face paint?  Is he part of some lost Native American tribe?

Symbol – I wear face paint cuz you should only see my real face when you wake up next to me.  That is your gift if you’re lucky.

DLake – hahaha… thats all symbol. hahahah!

MHC:  If Claire Hux could make a music video, what would the guiding aesthetic principles be?

Symbol – To be continued……

DLake – See below

MHC:  When can we expect to see another release from Claire Hux?

Symbol – We hope to have our full length out in first quarter of 2010.  Knowing Symbol that means 2015.  He’s never satisfied.

DLake – Yes… full length sometime in 2010 depending on alot of diff things. Expect out more remixes, singles, club bangers, another mixtape (this is 50% probable), Def an EP or two (possibly with Ced Hughes… we’ll see). And a music video or two… and…. oh yeah we now have a live backing band. Yes… it’s on!

MHC:  What’s in DLake’s tapedeck/iPod?

Symbol – Currently rocking out to Junius, Eletrik Red, and Julian Casablancas

DLake – Man… so much/diff music it is tough. I guess what i’ve been rocking lately. Block Party (Silent Alarm was their best work personally), Muse, M.I.A., Radiohead, Cool Kids, Major Lazer, Amanda Blank, Dieselboy, Squarepusher, Thievery Corporation, Notorious B.I.G., Mos Def/Talib, Kanye (everything he has done has been top notch for me), Kid Cudi’s new joint, Jay-Z’s new joint (and all the old 90’s shit too), Wale (mixtape about nothing was amazing), & Marsmobil (Electro-Pop-Retro-Jazz group out of Germany. so damn good), list goes on for DAYZ… haha.

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