Syko Sam – Murderous Rage [Video]

7 Oct

I fucking hate Juggalos for all of the standard reasons, but this guy gives those beliefs new conviction. … Syko Sam is (was) a horrorcore emcee from Cali that was recently invited by a 16 year old girl in Virginia to come stay w/ her and her family.  Well, Syko Sam decided to live out his shitty music by butchering her family.  …SMH…  This kid just became the most white trash killer of my generation.

Full story @ HipsterRunOff

One Response to “Syko Sam – Murderous Rage [Video]”

  1. Kreyz February 15, 2010 at 3:11 pm #

    whatever happened to a person just being… i don’t know… crazy???

    What about all of those other murderous lunatics that have never heard of ICP or Juggalos or Psychopathic Records?

    By your description, and by other juggalo hater’s descriptions, you have to be a juggalo if you’ve ever killed someone. I guess that means that The Zodiac Killer, Pogo the Clown, Jeffrey Dahmer, Bruce Lee (The Arsonist), Dracula, Nessie, The Wolfman, Bigfoot, Jack the Ripper, and Viktor Zsasz all are down with psychopathic, along with a few others known or unknown.

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