UK Kingpin Snatched Again for Herb Smuggling

7 Oct


Curtis “Cocky” Warren, formerly one of richest men in Britain prior to his arrest in 97, was arrested again recently for conspiracy to import hundreds of pounds of marijuana to the small island of Jersey off the coast of Britain.  In the 90s, Warren was a Liverpool gangster that fronted as a property developer.  When this guy was originally arrested, he was caught with millions of dollars in coke, heroin, cannabis, and ecstasy.  Cocky then did a decade stretch in a Dutch prison.  Supposedly this cat has links to the Colombian cartels and Dutch smugglers in addition to nearly half a billion in hidden assets.  My question is this, if you have that much already and just got done spending 10 years behind bards, why in the world would you jump BACK into the game?

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