Cruel Rumor – Disco Trip EP x So True (Single) ft. Dre

9 Oct


Was just checking the good ole Facebook, and I was blessed with a message from Nate (Atlantic Connection) linking me to two new release by his collab project w/ MC Julz the Huntress called Cruel Rumor.  My first taste of Cruel Rumor was a feature track on AC’s album Tomorrow Isn’t Enough.  I’ve been a fan ever since.  Mr. Hayes is a genius in the studio and has consistently proven it since his departure from Basic Ops, and I’d compare Julz to a West Coast Lady Sovereign.  She has a serious ability to spit witty bars, but she also displays a talent for melodies.  Fav tune out of the two releases is probably Skate Shop on the Disco Trip EP.

Oh, and watch for a Cruel Rumor interview on MHC coming soon!

DOWNLOAD:  Cruel Rumor – Disco Trip EP
DOWNLOAD:  Cruel Rumor – So True (Single) ft. Dre

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    […] w/ Atlantic Connection and Julz the Huntress of Cruel Rumor.  If you are not hip on Cruel Rumor, then you need to peep their free EPs that I posted about a week ago. They are party […]

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