Cubit – London Caling Promo Mix

12 Oct


I guess everyone is jumping on the heavy bass tip … even breakbeat producers.  Cubit recently dropped a promo mix for London Calling featuring the best in what most people are calling breakstep (think sped up dubstep).  For the most part, I like the mix.  It’s not exactly what I was expecting when it was sent my way, but thats probably a good thing as I have little love for classic breakbeats.  If you were into the NuSkool Breaks movement about 10 years ago, then you will probably dig this mix.  Where nuskool breaks were taking their basslines from drum-n-bass, breakstep is jacking the dubby-goodness right out of dubstep.

Tracklist below the cut.

DOWNOAD:  Cubit – London Caling Promo Mix

01 Rennie Pilgrem – London Voodoo
02 Novaima – Yo Voy (Seiji Remix Cubit Edit)
03 Skream – If You Know
04 Synkro & Indigo – Alabama
05 Tolcha – Fokus
06 Tim Wright – Going Down
07 Tim Deluxe ft Sam Obernik – Just Wont Do (Stanton Warriors Edit)
08 DJ Abstract – Gunshot
09 Chase & Status – Hoax
10 Wayward Soul – Real Wild Child (DJ Deekline Mix)
11 DJ Quest – Synthetic Funk
12 Sixth Sense – Everywhere
13 Unknown – Crowd Say
14 Aaron Spectre – More Fire
15 PYRAMID vs Wizard – War Of The Worlds
16 Dubchild – Take Me
17 Unknown – Unknown
18 Deejay Punk Roc – Hi Fi Wrecker
19 SUAD – Phenomenon
20 Simian Mobile Disco – Cruel Intentions (Joker Remix)
21 Noisess – Square Face

One Response to “Cubit – London Caling Promo Mix”

  1. cubit October 15, 2009 at 3:29 am #

    nice one for posting!

    a few words on breakstep..
    Deekline was the first out of the garage scene to jump on the heavy bass tip with I Dont Smoke in 2000 a while before dubstep. half of the tunes here i was playing from 2001-03, when dubstep was still just 2-step garage. Back then we called this stuff breakstep.

    It was mainly pirate radio DJs like myself playing it, people who’d come through garage, while most of the nu-skool breaks scene didnt go anywhere near it, mainly because they associated it with garage and looked down at it. They were a different crowd older & more middle class you could say.

    A few years passed, ukg pretty much died, then dubstep blew up internationally & people started labelling the more breaky but still heavily swung beats of reso, elemental and the like as breakstep. Hence a whole new generation of listeners are under the impression breakstep was born out of dubstep.

    Dubstep refined it thats true, abstract, lombardo & goldspot are the earliest proof of that & some of the more recent tracks in this mix are rhythmically more interesting for having that dubstep touch. But really all the guys i knew who were making this stuff back when were mainly inspired by jungle, electro & old skool hardcore, fusing it with 2 step garage breakbeats.

    thought for the day 😉 glad it surprised you

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