Tha Doc – Head Macho EP

20 Oct

Head Macho Art

I guess MHC is Indy’s home for dubsteppery.  Today the Juxtapose resident Tha Doc sent me a promo copy of his upcoming EP on Dubfront Records titled Head Macho EP.  This release definitely comes from a different portion of the dubstep spectrum than Symbl’s releases.  The whole composition is much more atmospheric and nowhere nearly as gnarly, kinda like Tha Doc’s mixtapes.  Head Macho has a nice 16 bit video game console feel to it, whereas Inside Job and The Case seem less restricted.  There are a few points where I am waiting for tha Doc’s tunes to jump off and get nasty as fuck, but alas the bass never wobbles that direction.  All in all a nice release.  Congrats.

DOWNLOAD:  Tha Doc – Head Macho
STREAM:  Tha Doc – Inside Job
STREAM:  Tha Doc – The Case

One Response to “Tha Doc – Head Macho EP”

  1. tha Doc October 20, 2009 at 8:03 pm #


    gotta not wobblee all the time.

    It wears itself out quickly sometimes.

    And it creates… uh… generic.

    I love the wobble… but dammit. There’s more to it.


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