MHC Exclusive Interview w/ Cruel Rumor

24 Oct


As we continue to try and link up w/ artists on more cool interviews, here is a transcript of the chat I got to have w/ Atlantic Connection and Julz the Huntress of Cruel Rumor.  If you are not hip on Cruel Rumor, then you need to peep their free EPs that I posted about a week ago. They are party heaven!

MHC:  I have to start every IntervIew wIth a questIon lIke thIs:  If AtlantIc ConnectIon and Julz the Huntress walked Into a club at the same tIme on a mIssIon, whIch one would come up wIth more phone numbers at the end of the nIght?  Who’s got more game?

Julz: ha…I’d have to say that I’d get the most numbers.  But don’t get It twIsted… Nate Is a sly one and would probably get lots of dIgIts on the DL.

AC:  Psssh, Julz, standard. We can’t walk into a bar without either the paparazzi buzzing her, gay boys asking for her autograph or “business men” wanting to show her around town. And me? You ever seen “Driving Miss Daisy?” I’m like Morgan Freeman in this bitch.

Rest of the interview below the cut!

MHC:  The fIrst memory I have of you two workIng together Is AC’s 2008 album Tomorrow Isn’t Enough.  How dId the two of you meet and decIde to start collaboratIng together so heavily?

Julz: We met at a dnb party In the OC called Upgrade and it was a bIg nIght for me because I was on the lIneup wIth a lot of emcees and dj’s that had never heard me before. What I dIdn’t know then Is that It was an even bIgger nIght because I met Nate who would eventually become my musIc partner and best frIend. Once we got In the studIo It just clIcked. We both have a strong work ethIc and know how to have fun at the same tIme so the tunes came together naturally.

MHC:  AC — You have come a long way from my fIrst exposure to you as Basic Ops In 2004 and have transformed your productIon style quIte a bIt.  What’s been the motIvatIon behInd that change?  What do you belIeve to be the catalyst for nearly every statesIde drum-n-bass producer to swItch over to electro house?

AC: Yada yada, expanding my reach, bla bla bla its better in Finland…
None of us switched though, let me make that clear, everyones still writing d&b, but lets be real, electro producers get the chics and d&b producers get the trainspotters; and when i drop “Rocksteady LA Riots Remix” I get trainspotting chics, so I mean, you tell me.

MHC:  Was theIr a specIfIc “cruel rumor” that InspIred the name of the duo?  If not, what InspIred that lIttle pIece of catchIness?

Julz: We sIfted through a handful of names and phrases before we chose Cruel Rumour. It sounded rIght because lIvIng In LA, especIally In Hollywood, you are surrounded by tabloIds, gossIp and glamour. So much of what you see Is a facade and you cant take It too serIously …It’s all just a Cruel Rumour.

MHC:  Julz — What about skater-boys draws your attentIon enough to pen a song about them?  Got any good storIes from the skate shop or park?

Julz: There Is somethIng sexy about spottIng a pack of guys on theIr skateboards… from the style of clothes they wear to straIght up acrobatIc skIll on wheels. I love to skateboard and grew up around a lot of skaters..they’re always gettIn In a bIt of trouble and I’m no stranger to bad boys so I’ll let you make up your own julzee skate shop rumour from there 😉

AC: I used to skate.

MHC:  AC’s day job Is at MTV Networks.  What are Cruel Rumor’s chances of appearIng on MTV Networks at some poInt In the future?  If CR could get a realIty show on MTV, what would the premIse be?

Julz:  It’s funny you ask because I remember when we launched Cruel Rumour and caught the attentIon from some hIgher ups In the musIc Industry one of the fIrst thIngs I saId was “we are not doIng realIty TV”. BUT, If we were It would have to be called “Let the rumours fly” and It would document us travelIng the world and causIng havoc abroad wIth our swanky tunes and scandalous rendezvous.

AC: Julz, we got a meeting with series development on Friday.

MHC:  I notIced that CR Is playIng some sort of upcomIng cruIse.  Sup wIth that?    How does a duo lIke CR end up on the Love Boat?

Julz: After we’re done wIth It It wIll be the “Scandal Boat” haha..It’s actually called the Buzz Boat cruIse and there Is a full lIneup of dj’s rangIng from dnb, breaks, to house.

AC: Scandal Boat. hahahah.

MHC:  ConsIderIng that dubstep took the US by storm thIs year (2 years later than the rest of the world), can we expect CR to jump on the dubstep traIn?  Or what where would CR lIke to go stylIstIcally, and what are the two of you lIstenIng to currently?

Julz:  Dubstep has defInItley been blowIn up In the US especIally In LA. Bass musIc Is progressIng and a lot of artIsts are delvIng Into It..I thInk It’s great. As far as Cruel Rumour and Dubstep Its not out of the questIon but It’s also not a must. We really don’t put any pressure on the styles of CR. If there Is a dubstep Influence In our new stuff that’s cool but I feel no need to HAVE to have dubstep tunes. Nate and I both love house musIc and are heavIly Influenced by It. RIght now we are workIng on a handful of house tunes along wIth some other surprIses.

AC: Suprise !

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