MHC Exclusive Intervew w/ Designer Drugs!

28 Oct

I usually don’t post about the same artists twice in a week, but Designer Drugs have had an exceptional week.  First off, they have just released their second single “Riot”/”Drop Down” on iheartcomix.  Secondly, Theo and Mike celebrated the anniversary of their first single “Zombies”.  And finally, I somehow conned them into doing an interview for MHC.  Hope you enjoy!

MHC:  I open every interview with this question, so who can pull more pussy in a night:  Michael or Theo?

Michael:  Theo because since he has a pussy he can pull it whenever he wants.

Theo:  Pull it, pet it, twist it, bite it, you name it.

Rest of the Interview below the cut.

MHC:  Michael, you recently toured Europe.  How was the tour?  How would you compare European parties to their American counterparts?  What do you consider to be the strangest part about Europe?

M:  Europe was great. My only griefs were the tiny elevators, the shitty wait service at restaurants (for the most part), the tiny beds in the hotels and less good restaurants at the airport. Oh and the internet was really slow and some hotels didn’t even offer it for purchase! I thought that was crazy, being on a business trip without constant wifi.

The strangest part to me was the diversity. It was really cool although you need to exchange money sometimes 3 times a week and learn to order food in several different languages.

MHC:  Some people might not remember that both of you were previously in a drum-n-bass crew but I do.  How did you guys make the transition from jungle to club/electro?  Was there a single moment when you decided to step back from DnB?  Any chance of you going back to it?

M:  We got into drum and bass when we were young and always wanted to put out a record. It was a goal. We eventually stopped listening to drum and bass and put out a record so we made music similar to what we were listening to and what we wanted to do.

T:  Yeah we just got tired of drum n bass after a while. There’s a lot more chicks at electro shows.

MHC:  The two singles that Designer Drugs have released on iheartcomix have been massive.  Any chance we can expect a full LP from you two anytime soon?

M:  We are working on a ton of songs, Not sure if we’ll release the full length next or another single. The singles have been getting good feedback so we might do another single before the album. Nothing is set in stone.

T:  Agreed, singles seem to be the way we’re going for the moment until we get the full length finished.

MHC:  Theo, not to let the cat out of the bag, but it seems like you started med school about the same time Designer Drugs really began to blow up.  How have your studies been affected by your newly found success in music?

T:  It’s pretty stressful, they’re totally different lifestyles and it’s sometimes difficult to balance the two. Crying helps.

MHC:  Over the past few years, Philly has become a hot bed of forward thinking music w/ artists like yourselves, Diplo, and Spankrock.  Any theory on why the city has seemed set so many musical trends lately?

M:  Not sure really. It’s a big city and it’s relatively inexpensive compared to NY so it’s easier to make a living as an artist.

T:  The Philly air has stimulatory effects on the central nervous system areas associated with music production.

MHC:  If your legacy in music could be compared to one deceased musician, who would you want it to be and why?

M:  Beethoven because we are the best.

T:  Michael Jackson because he’s good with kids.

MHC:  Recently Michael posted a video entitled “Dubstep Rave” on Facebook where all of the party-goers were merely standing.  Do you believe the video is accurate of dubstep?  Could we ever hope for some Designer Drugs dubsteppery?  Considering that dubstep and electro are the two major dance movements in the US, what do you see as being the main differences between them?

M:  I’ve actually never been to a Dubstep party and I don’t know if I want to so I can’t compare it haha. DD will not be doing dubstep although I’m sure we’ll make some 😉

T:  I actually have been to a dubstep party. I would say that what Michael posted on Facebook was fairly accurate with the exception that there were more hippy ravers dancing at the party I was at. I didn’t see too many chicks either.

It reminds me of drum n bass alot, but too slow for me so I doubt I’lll ever do a serious dubstep project. I have noted it’s seemingly increasing popularity and considered the idea though.

MHC:  If you were to liken the music of Designer Drugs to a sexual position, what would it be and why?

T:  The slinky because it’s innovative and keeps you “rockin!” Comes in handy in West Virginia. (

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