MHC x Phenom – Heavy Bass Freqs Vol. 001 [Mixtape]

6 Nov


Recently, I have been trying to bring more and more original content to the site.  A couple of weeks ago, I started thinking about how MHC should really have some sort of podcast or monthly mix that features all of the music being released in the heavy bass music spectrum.  So far, I’ve only met a handful of DJs in Indiana that fits the mind frame I was looking for.  Phenom was the first person that came to mind.  As he never pigeonholes himself into one genre, Phenom is capable of bridging electro, fidget, and dubstep in a single set.  Hope you enjoy our first edition of Heavy Bass Freqs.

I will hopefully be updating with a tracklist later.  UPDATE – Tracklist below the cut.

DOWNLOAD:  MHC x Phenom – Heavy Bass Freqs Vol. 001 [Mixtape]

MHC:  Standard MHC Question:  Who can pull more ass in Thomas Crown Affair:  you or Paul?

Phenom:  For sake of debate I would say Paul. He makes a lot more mixes and tracks compared to me so he is much more widely known and recognized on them interwebz, plus he’s a super fresh dresser, no Bruno*

Rest of the interview below the cut + Tracklist.

MHC:  What was your first introduction to heavy bass?  What about the music has made you want to play it?

Phenom:  I’m not as cultured in heavy bass as compared to most of the DJs I’ve been around. I owned Prodigy Fat of The Land when it came out and I was just blown away by it. There was something that grabbed me as soon as I heard Breathe and then Firestarter. I just couldn’t believe that people were making music that went this hard. I guess it was the feeling that did it for me, I wanted to recreate that chaos and feeling of complete let go that you could see in Smells Like Teen Spirit. I would say it went further than 90’s music even. Seeing the alternate cover of Sly And The Family Stone “There’s a Riot Going On” made me want to be up on stage sharing what I felt musically. I guess you could say I never wanted to be in the crowd.

MHC:  How did Thomas Crown Affair come into being?  Where would you like TCA to go?

Phenom:  Thomas Crown Affair was the brainchild of Paul and I based upon diversifying electro in Bloomington. Whenever we did shows we would always play separate, never together. It made sense for us to combine our similarities along with our many differences in taste of music to create something bigger than two solo sets. We performed our first set officially as TCA in Louisville Kentucky during Kentucky Derby weekend. We played the front room at a pretty seedy club we had played previously taking a 1-3:30 am slot after a group of 40-something year old djs that played a lot of garbage music. They were pretty pissed when we opened up with Baltimore club and then went into some heavy basslines. We were there for the free booze all night and could care less.

MHC:  What other music projects are you currently working on or have slated for the near future?

Phenom:  Right now honestly I’m just swamped with shows. I don’t really have time to make tracks right now but I have been a little original material to work into my sets, small spurts like 30 seconds or so of original production that I like. I don’t really have the time to commit to making any official edits. With this being my Senior year at IU, the majority of my time is spent in the art studio for class or playing gigs. I plan on releasing a lot more mixes including one each month for MHC to play out and hopefully expose a different crowd to the music that I enjoy, despite the fact that it might not be brand new. New music does not always equal good music, a lot of people have forgotten that.

MHC:  Dance music seems to be making a comeback.  Why do you think it’s happening now after nearly a decade of floundering?

Phenom:  The people are being exposed to it nonstop. It’s “kewl” now to be into electronic and bassline, hell many people even consider themselves avid listeners of dubstep now. I don’t really understand the evolution but from what I’ve heard it all goes in circles. Old is new and fresh again and new isn’t cool until X amount of days, months, or years later. I think with so many people becoming djs now to feed into their rockstar need, many of their friends have been forced to go to shows and support music they’ve never heard. From that they find a few favorite songs during a dj set and then shortly there after find themselves burning a copy of Major Lazer for their car ride. Like I said, I still don’t really understand it all. Oh and for the record; F*** DJ Hero. Djing should never be recreated without 2 turntables and a mixer in the real world. Playing a videogame doesn’t make you a DJ.


I Think I Like It – Fake Blood

Pete Goes Off – Bird Peterson

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (BeataCue rmx) – Daft Punk

Pon de Floor (BeatauCue rmx) – Major Lazer

Mars (Jack Beats Remix)- Fake Blood

Grand Steppin’ – Duck Sauce

Show Me Love (Ac Slater Remix) –  Steve Angello And Laidback Luke Feat Robin S

Knobbers- Crookers

Fix Your Accent- Fake Blood

Night of the Hornheadz (Bird Peterson Remix) – Act Yo Age

Murder Rocket- Hostage

Drop The Pressure (Jack Beats ‘Rinsed Out Rave’ Remix) – Project Bassline

She Wolf (Calvin Harris Remix) – Shakira

Love To – Crookers

Tom’s Diner (Bingo Players Bootleg)- Suzanne Vega

Give U More feat. Laura Kidd (Afrojack Mix)- Redroche

We Are The People (Style Of Eye Remix)- Empire Of The Sun

Hangin- Hostage

Gay Dentists (JFK of MSTRKRFT Edit) – Mr. Oizo

Devil’s Eyes [LUCA’S B-LIVE CLUB MIX]- Drop The Lime

Girls On Film- Duran Duran

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