Franki Chan – Aussie Mixtape

3 Dec

The man behind iheartcomix Franki Chan dropped his newest mixtape the other day.  Clearly a promo piece for his upcoming Australian tour, the mix features a nice selection of the hottest current jams.  However, I have to admit that the first 2/3 of the mix bored me.  It wasn’t until “King of Africa” dropped that I actually became interested in what Mr. Chan was playing.  From there out, the mix lets loose with some serious basslines and a lil Dutch house….its everywhere … srsly!  Hopefully we’ll see Franki in Indy sometime soon.

Tracklist below

DOWNLOAD:  Franki Chan – Aussie Mixtape


1. Michael Jackson – Groove Of Midnight (Demo)
2. Passion Pit – Little Secrets (Jack Beats Remix)
3. Nadastrom – Ghetto Pass
4. Boris Dlugosch – Bangkok
5. Wildlife – Jumbie (Beware & Motorpitch Remix)
6. Acid Girls – Lightworks (Harvard Bass Remix)
7. Noob & Brodinkski – Peanuts Club (LA Riots Remix)
8. D.I.M. & Tai – Lyposuct (Noob Remix)
9. Mowgli – London To Paris
10. Jesse Rose – Well Now (Savage Skulls Remix)
11. Douster – King Of Africa
12. Major Lazor / Afrojack – How I Like It (Beataucue Remix)
13. Jakwob – Wild Pitch
14. Oliver $ – Gypsy Carnival
15. The Toxic Avenger – Toxic Is Dead (Franki Chan Remix)
16. Gio De Leva, Christian Cheval & Nello – Kick The Small (Happy Noise Mix)
17. Darlene Love – Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

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