Would You Hit It?: Brittany Murphy’s Corpse

6 Jan

About 2 weeks ago the world internet was shocked with news that the lovably clueless Brittany Murphy died of cardiac arrest.  A lot of us speculated as to whether coke or anorexia got the best of the starlet.  Well, now I am starting to ponder a completely different question.  Brittany Murphy was always hot in life and was on a couple hottest women alive lists, but does the same hold true for her corpse?  Would you?  You know … commit an act of necrophilia with Brittany Murphy’s cold, stiff body?  Lord knows that might be the tightest piece of pussy you might ever get.  Does that make it more acceptable.  The closest I can ever remember seeing Brittany look like pure death was Don’t Say a Word … I honestly can’t say.

Poll below the cut.

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