Dave Gee – The Arrival [Mixtape]

6 Mar

This mix had me with the second track.  For anyone that knows me knows that I’m a huge fan of classic 2step garage.  That shit was just pure fun.  Anyway, so to start a dubstep mix off w/ an Artful Dodger remix, I’m definitely gonna show some love.  Back to the mix, this shit beats!!  It’s a great collection of the top current bangers in dubstep including Diplo & Jayou’s remix of Murderer that I posted her sometime ago.

Tracklist below

DOWNLOAD: Dave Gee – The Arrival [Mixtape]

1 Rub a Dubstep Borgore & The Mighty Rankin Levy
2 ReRewind Artful Dodger feat. Craig David (HavocNdeeD rmx)
3 Who da Rudeboy Parallel
4 How High (remix) 6 BLOCC
5 Gloria feat. DZ Kozee
6 Foes (16bit remix) Borgore
7 Someone (Breakage Unspecified Mix) DJ Madd
8 Street Scum Schema
9 The Future Trolley Snatcha
10 Exotic Pet Dealers DZ
11 Warning (Eddie K remix) DJ Prime Cuts
12 Murderer (Refix) Jayou & Diplo
13 Jotunheim (Land of the Giants) EMU
14 Hard (Caspa & The Others mix) Breakage, Newham Generals
15 Shove it (Bar 9 Bootleg) Deftones
16 Princess Gone Dub Dumbsteppaz
17 I’m Not your Toy (Nero Remix) La Roux
18 Tudor Rose (DZ Remx) Dillinja
19 Bad Man Slick John Maveric
20 Y7 N-Type
21 Bombs Over Bagdad (Stenchman mix) Outkast
22 No Rest For the Wicked Tomba feat. Sticky Feet

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