Grey Granite & J. Brookinz present Lust Poisons Pride

8 Mar

Took me a second to get to this, but everyone already knows how I feel about Grey Granite and J. Brookinz.  You should phux w/ these two fools.

When I first heard “Lay You Down” over a year ago, I knew that this truly had something unique going on for them, but I was never prepared for the final album they handed me a couple of months back.  Lust Poisons Pride drifts into musical regions that the duo had never explored before.  My immediate thought was that it sounded like the bastard child of Prince and Trent Reznor.  Many of the songs seem industrial with their stompy drums, but Grey’s voice maintains a semblance of soul throughout the entirety of the album.  My personal favorite from the album still has to be “Off Safety” because the song seems to be the most focused representation of the duo’s sonic vision.

Stream live and make sure you purchase the album on iTunes.

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