3 Dec

iQD006 – Tha Doc’s new dubstep and drum-n-bass IMPOSE EP is available exclusively on Beatport!:

In support of his new EP, tha Doc offers the first single as a free download!  From the moody onset of Cheerleader, the new single from Tha Doc’s IMPOSE EP, tension builds as the synth line begs for some bass.  When the kick first enters, you become fully aware of the irony of this track being titled “Cheerleader”.   Enjoy and “show me how bad you want to be a cheerleader!”

As one of Indianapolis’s drum-n-bass veterans and early adopters of the dubstep sound, Tha Doc is intimately familiar with sub bass, and his new release on iQ Entertainment is reflection of that intimacy.  From the onset of the atmospheric track “Jest” to the conclusion of the melodic tune “The Naut”, Tha Doc makes his love of bass well known with deep bassy grooves flowing throughout the release.  Even the hardest track avoids the cliche dubstep sounds of the moment by maintaining a high level of soul and minimalism.  If you miss the classic sounds of dubstep, this is definitely a must have for you!

DOWNLOAD: Tha Doc – Cheerleader | Sound Cloud
iQD006 – Tha Doc – IMPOSE EP | Sound Cloud

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