NightRiders – Passports & Paparazzi

10 Jan

NightRiders & Jace debut music video for “One Day At A Time” Remix ft. Grey Granite:

In support of the new album Passports & Paparazzi, NightRiders linked up with direct Jeremy “Jace” Wallace to visualize their single “One Day At A Time” Remix ft. Grey Granite.  The single has been circulating blogs since late November and has been featured on Faronheit, Tighten UP!, and Bringing Down The Band; the album has been featured on NoisePorn, White Label Nation, and Mostly Junk Food.  Jace is most recently known for the video he directed of’s “Light Up” video.  With a talent for allowing Indianapolis to be a character of it’s own, Jace beautifully features the Fountain Square district of the city as the NightRiders put their daily grind on display.


For the track in the video, the NightRiders collaborated with Grey Granite on a remix of their track “One Day At A Time”.  “One Day At A Time” is dedicated to getting by and the hustle of life.  Jam P. leads out on the beat he created with his trademark rasp on the first verse and hook.  On the second verse, Grey uses his 16 to attack all of his doubters with a poignant tongue lashing.  The track closes with a slick rhyme from Bob G. Barker warning the world not to sleep on the NightRiders.  In a year consumed with posse cuts, Heavy Gun comes through with a cohesive collaboration from three of the label’s top emcees.

Bob G. Barker and Jam P. Astro formed the NightRiders in 2008 shortly after meeting in Indianapolis.  Bob G. Barker was already a veteran of emcee of the group Knox Haven, so when he met Jam P., a producer and rapper, it was like planets colliding.  Bob G. Barker is a master of the classic leisurely flow, and Jam P. Astro has the perfectly complimenting quick tongue.  The pair seamlessly transition between the club and the street.

WATCH ON YOUTUBE: NightRiders – One Day At A Time Remix ft. Grey Granite (Directed by Jace)
NightRiders – Passports & Paparazzi | SoundCloud | Dat Piff
DOWNLOAD SINGLE: NightRiders – One Day At A Time Remix ft. Grey Granite | SoundCloud
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