Keeno – Winding

16 Jan

iQ Entertainment is proud to introduce new-comer Keeno to the world of drum-n-bass with his epic single Winding:

Every once and a while a new producer emerges that commands the ears of the upper echelon of music, and Keeno is quickly establishing himself with that voice.  iQD007 is Keeno’s debut drum-n-bass release featuring his lovely tunes “Winding” and “Hurt”.  Both are emotional, piano driven pieces with “Winding” being a more sentimental piece and “Hurt” living up to it’s name.  Additionally, “Hurt” finds the young musician singing the heartfelt lyrics featured on the song.  Due to Keeno’s profound understanding of musical theory, this release is for everyone from drum-n-bass heads to classical music listeners.

Keeno aka Will Keen began his musical training at quite a young age, beginning as choir boy and later learning piano by ear.  Will’s interests turned towards drum-n-bass and dubstep after discovering the sounds of High Contrast and the rest of Hospital Records in his early the teens.  Taking what he knew about classical music, Keeno began crafting his first bass oriented tunes, and within weeks, the young man from Winchester began quite a stir on Sound Cloud.  With his amazing ability to craft melodies, Keeno brings a refreshing classiness to dance music that is often missing in today’s barrage of mechanical drums and aggressive basslines.  We at iQ Entertainment are truly proud to introduce you to Keeno!

DOWNLOAD: Keeno – Hurt | SoundCloud
PREVIEW ON SOUND CLOUD: Keeno – Winding (Single)
PURCHASE ON BEATPORT: Keeno – Winding (Single)

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