Clams Casino – Instrumental Mixtape

9 Nov

i don’t know how dude realized his name was cool, but i’m on board. although it’s borderline vaginal, i can’t hate since i take my name from a keanu reeves movie.

regardless, the guy put out a free instrumental mixtape earlier this year and the sound was pleasing to my ears.

which led to me downloading a mixtape that has someone rapping into a microphone. i’m not up to the minute with this mixtape shit, but i copped A$AP Rocky’s latest one this week. i’m diggin’ it, but damn, the tracks produced by Clams Casino stand out. just a weird spacey sound that meshes well with whatever neo-houston shit A$AP’s on.

also, some guy named Sweatson Klank remixed ‘been around the world’

actually that guy is Take, who apparently has a new moniker.

DOWNLOAD: Clams Casino – Instrumental Mixtape
BONUS: A$AP Rocky – Live Love A$AP (Mixtape)

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