Dj Wick-It presents “Remix My Remix Challenge”

22 Nov

Tonight Mashville, Tennessee’s DJ Wick-It threw out the gauntlet to all of you prods, DJ’s, Macbook owners, hoes, heffers, hee-haws, and hulie hoops to remix his remix “Look at Mexico Now” (A mash up of Busta’s “Look at Me Now” with The Coasters “Down in Mexico). Hit the read more for details on the contest and a word from The Instigator himself.

“Alright friends, I’m launching my official “Remix My Remix Challenge”. I’m providing a link to wav audio stems of my song, “Look At Mexico Now”. I wanted to basically give anyone interested a chance to possibly get a slot on my new full length project, “Grindhouse Basterds”. The deadline for submissions is Dec. 15th. Now to clarify… this is a ‘challenge’ and not a ‘contest’, which basically means that there isn’t definitely going to be winner. With that being said…….. Gentleman, start your engines!”

There you go kids, can you do better than Wick-It The Instigator ? (Doubt it)

“Look at Mexico Now” (Stem Pack)

One Response to “Dj Wick-It presents “Remix My Remix Challenge””

  1. Loki Cocepeli November 23, 2011 at 3:26 pm #

    I’ll take your challenge, sir! The gauntlet has been picked up. Prepare yourself for Battle!

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