Christian Dubstep

21 Dec

Just when you thought it couldn’t any worse after “That’s What I Call Dubstep”…this lovely compilation stumbled across my feed. It’s the worst of dubstep mixed with the worst of Christian music.

Tracklist below.

PURCHASE: Christian Dubstep

1. East To West (Dubstep Remix)
2. Everything You Ever Wanted (Dubstep Remix)
3. All For Him (Dubstep Remix)
4. Forgive Me (Dubstep Remix)
5. Take My Hand (Dubstep Remix)
6. God Gave Me (Dubstep Remix)
7. History Maker (Dubstep Remix)
8. Through The Desert (Dubstep Remix)
9. How Great Is Our God (Dubstep Remix)
10. I’ll Take You Back (Dubstep Remix)
11. Must Have Done Something Right (Dubstep Remix)
12. O Praise Him (Dubstep Remix)
13. Strong Tower (Dubstep Remix)
14. Tears of The Saints (Dubstep Remix)
15. The Seeker (Dubstep Remix)

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