Braidey B2B Mowgli – Double Martini (Throwback Mix)

6 Feb

Classic jump up mix from the Cincinnati Bomb Squad members Mowgli and Braidey dating back to 1997. Between this and the DSL mix below, I think I might have to pull out my UFO!s and put a lighter in the air!

Most older ravers remember Yes! Fest in 2000, but how many of you remember the OG Paoli Peaks rave Real Family, which was hosted by CBS?

DOWNLOAD: Braidey – Double Martini – Side A (Throwback Mix)
DOWNLOAD: Mowgli – Double Martini – Side B (Throwback Mix)

Track List:

Side A
01. ????
02. Aladdin – “Woman That Rolls” – Aladdin
03. ????
04. ????
05. Zinc – “Pranksters” – True Playaz
06. Ganja Kru – “Can’t Handle The Streets” – Frontline
07. Dope Skillz – “6 Million Ways (remix)” – Frontline
08. Aphrodite – “Drop Top Caddy” – Urban Takeover

Side B
01. DJ Red – “Mad P.L.O” – Trouble On Vinyl
02. ?????
03. Leicester – “Best In The U.S.” – 5HQ
04. Mystical Influecne – “Dub Plate Pressure” – Vinyl Syndicate
05. IC1 tune on 5HQ????
06. Skyscraper – “Liberty 1” – Emotif
07. Hot Steppers tune????

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