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Smart Company Turns Homeless People Into Mobile Hotspots!

14 Mar

It sounds like something out of a darkly satirical science-fiction dystopia. But it’s absolutely real — and a completely problematic treatment of a problem that otherwise probably wouldn’t be mentioned in any of the panels at South by Southwest Interactive.

Homeless Hotspots is “a charitable experiment” by BBH Labs, the skunkworks wing of marketing firm Bartle Bogle Hegarty. In Austin, BBH Labs is partnering with Front Steps Shelter to equip people from Front Steps’ case management system with 4G MiFi devices to serve as pay-per-use hotspots for attendees at SXSWi.

This is easily the smartest tech idea ever rolled out at SXSW!

Full story.

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Would You Hit It?: Meghan McCain

13 Mar

With election season in full swing, the little thick Republican blogger that gave me wood has returned to cable television. Seeing her titties constrained in those conservative suits got me thinking about her Twitpic SNAFU and how those lovely melons looked. Damn this bitch has some titties. The she opens her mouth, and I remember all over again that she is the daughter of that maverick John McCain and still an active member of the GOP. As big as her titties might be, I do believe there are some serious drawbacks to smashing this chick. First off, she is Republican. Secondly, her father is a nut bag POW that could come smashing through your window at any time attempting to effect his revenge upon Charlie by dismembering you. But damn….those titties….

Poll below the cut.

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Meet Anna Gristina: The Soccer Mom Madam Worth $10M!

13 Mar

She was the $10 million madam.

Anna Gristina’s stable of 50 high-class hookers and the sexual appetites of her highflying clientele helped her reap millions of dollars — all of it cash, sources told the Daily News.

“She accepted no credit cards,” one source said of the upper East Side madam whose workers earned $2,000 an hour — or $25,000 for a lucrative weekend getaway in Europe or Asia.

Fuck Heid Fleiss, this bitch did it right!

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James St. James at Disco 2012 Party in Indianapolis (Video)

9 Mar

Indianapolis, I am rather disappointed in your right now. James St. James is a snitch and coat-tail rider. This dude has been living off the name he made from turning his best friend in for murder. Instead of bringing this bitch to Indy, why couldn’t someone bring the real mastermind? Peter Gatien! Or the true star: Michael Alig!

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Simon Cowell presents: The DJ X-Factor (Video)

7 Mar

Dj Facebender is the TRUTH!

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Beech Grove Councilman Paul Mobley Busted Trying to Buy $20 Blowjob!

6 Mar

A Beech Grove councilman was arrested earlier today after allegedly trying to solicit oral sex from a prostitute who turned out to be an undercover police officer.

According to the police report, Det. Tabatha McLemore of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department was in the 3600 block of East Washington Street about 11 a.m. when a man pulled over by the side of road. McLemore then walked over to the man, who was later identified as 63-year-old Paul Mobley.

The two agreed on $20 for oral sex. McLemore stated in her report that she told Mobley to pick her up behind a nearby building so that police won’t see. She began walking toward the building and Mobley started pulling forward, then hesitated and drove off.

I love it when local politicians fuck up!

Full story at the Star.

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Kickstart Your Own Wet Dreams with OffBeatr!

3 Mar

Well, Kickstarter, it looks like you’ve finally arrived. And I don’t just mean that you launched 27K projects, saw $99 million pledged, or attracted 30 million+ visitors last year — all of which equalled a sizable increase in activity on your compared to the year prior. No, I mean that your winning crowdfunding model has been adopted by the adult industry. Clearly. Indeed, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and Groupon certainly saw its fair share of flatterers after its launch, but it didn’t inspire a response from porn, at least not in the early days. (Though there are those that are trying.)

All you need is a dream!

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Ginger Stands Up for Bitches & Hoes (Video)

27 Feb

And if you were wondering, that is the same little turd that freaked out on South Park for making fun of gingers.

Dubstep remix and past fuckery  below the cut.

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Would You Hit It?: Sober Lindsay Lohan

21 Feb

In the early 2000s, Lindsay Lohan was the sweetheart everyone wanted to date.  In the mid 2000s, she became the crackhead that everyone wanted to fuck in exchange for blow.  Now, it appears that Hollywood is abuzz about Lindsay’s hopefully prolonged sobriety and impending comeback replete with hosting SNL and starring as Liz Taylor in an upcoming Lifetime biopic.  With all of this happening in her life, I thought it was time to give Ms. Lohan a spin in the Would You Hit It Poll.  So would you?  Could you fuck a sober Lindsay Lohan?  Is she more or less attractive to you without the lines of powder and extra heaps of crazy?  Maybe the drug use has taken it’s toll on her and there is no going back….what do you think?

Poll below the cut.

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Gary Busey’s Assets Include 5 Pairs of Moccasins

20 Feb

Gary Busey has virtually no money left from his once-thriving Hollywood career — but he has amassed an impressive collection of worthless junk … including a bounty of cassette tapes and broken instruments … this according to new docs obtained by TMZ.

TMZ broke the story … Busey recently filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy … and according to new docs Gary filed in federal bankruptcy court, Gary says he owes $508,600.96 in various debts.

Oddly enough, Busey has a good amount of random ass Native American shit.

Full story @ TMZ

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Old Man Smokes Herb for the First Time Ever (Video)

17 Feb

Yes, I love watching old people get and realize what they’ve been missing all of their lives. This might even be better than when I got blazed with my pops.

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Would You Hit It?: Bobbi Kristina

14 Feb

Everyone’s favorite crackhead died over the weekend, and yesterday her crackhead daughter was rushed to the hospital after fits of erratic behavior. So the question is? Could you fuck the spawn of two crackheads? She’s not bad looking, and there is good chance that she is worth millions now that her mother’s catalog is posthumously re-entering the Top 10. However, she seems to have worse judgment than Miley Cyrus about doing drugs in front of cameras. Whatcha think?

Poll below the cut.

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Mexican Army Snags 15 Tons of Meth!

10 Feb

MEXICO CITY — Mexican authorities announced their largest methamphetamine seizure ever late Wednesday: 15 tons, found in pure powder form at a ranch outside Guadalajara. It was about 13 million doses worth $4 billion — more than double the size of all meth seizures at the Mexican border in 2011.

Wow, that is a lot of pissed off tweakers. Hope you know how to get our shake-n-bake on.

Full story at NYTimes.

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The V-Nasty Documentary (Video)

9 Feb

V-Nasty got a group of her friends to help soften her PR image. Shouts to White Girl Mob for wrecking Sky Live last week with Oreo Jones, Grey Granite, and Phenom.

Second part of the documentary below the cut.

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Would You Hit It?: Big Ang of Mob Wives

8 Feb

A new character has emerged this season of Mob Wives: Big Ang. Big Ang is a 6 foot middle aged guidette that is addicted to wise guys and plastic surgery. I can’t find a single quality about her attractive other than that she seems like the downest bitch that ever was. On the other hand, she looks like her face was manufactured by Fisher Price and her tits seemed to be attached to the lower part of her rib cage. Could you do it?

Poll below the cut.

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