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[a] proxy – Coachella 2012 Mix Series

18 Apr

I’m sorry that I have been away for nearly a month. I need the break due to computer related injuries. Actually I shouldn’t even be blogging right now, but I’m slightly retarded.

If you haven’t already been inundated by Coachella nonsense, I have a bit more for you. The hommie Atlantic Connection sent these my way recently. Nothing ground breaking, but it’s a good introduction to each day of the Coachella festival. If you’re going to the second run, these mixes would make great travel music to get you hyped for the madness.

Day 2 and 3 are below the cut.

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Flick of the Week: Ali G Indahouse (2002)

14 Mar

After my Armand Van Helden post, I really felt like I needed to show some love to my favorite junglist stereotype. Tons of laughs in this one, and Rhona Mitra is fucking hot! Keep it real! If you are familiar with Bruno and Borat, this is completely different because it is actually a scripted movie.

TORRENT: Ali G Indahouse (2002) | Netflix

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Flick of the Week: The Godfather (1972)

7 Mar

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of The Godfather and the release of Lil B’s “God’s Father”, I decided to make the OG move this week’s Flick of the Week. I could give you some bullshit about the movie, but you’ve read it all before. Just download and enjoy.

TORRENT: The Godfather Trilogy | Netflix

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Flick of the Week: The Devil’s Double (2011)

1 Mar

We all know that Sadam Hussein was a nut job, but Uday, his son, was known to be much more horrifying monster. This week’s flick of the week is the 2011 movie based upon the book of the same name about Uday’s forced body double. Uday was a man completely driven by money, hoes, and clothes that had more of each than he could ever have consumed. Alternatively, that access allowed him commit atrocious acts of violence. Dope movie.

TORRENT: The Devil’s Double (2011) | NetFlix

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Would You Hit It?: Sober Lindsay Lohan

21 Feb

In the early 2000s, Lindsay Lohan was the sweetheart everyone wanted to date.  In the mid 2000s, she became the crackhead that everyone wanted to fuck in exchange for blow.  Now, it appears that Hollywood is abuzz about Lindsay’s hopefully prolonged sobriety and impending comeback replete with hosting SNL and starring as Liz Taylor in an upcoming Lifetime biopic.  With all of this happening in her life, I thought it was time to give Ms. Lohan a spin in the Would You Hit It Poll.  So would you?  Could you fuck a sober Lindsay Lohan?  Is she more or less attractive to you without the lines of powder and extra heaps of crazy?  Maybe the drug use has taken it’s toll on her and there is no going back….what do you think?

Poll below the cut.

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Gary Busey’s Assets Include 5 Pairs of Moccasins

20 Feb

Gary Busey has virtually no money left from his once-thriving Hollywood career — but he has amassed an impressive collection of worthless junk … including a bounty of cassette tapes and broken instruments … this according to new docs obtained by TMZ.

TMZ broke the story … Busey recently filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy … and according to new docs Gary filed in federal bankruptcy court, Gary says he owes $508,600.96 in various debts.

Oddly enough, Busey has a good amount of random ass Native American shit.

Full story @ TMZ

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Flick of the Week: The Bodyguard (1992)

16 Feb

Yep, that’s right folks … were milking Whitney week here at MHC. No really, I was inspired to post this after reading Bossip’s recent piece about white men that piss off “brothas” by dating hot “sistas”. Then I noticed that Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston weren’t mentioned on the list. For a blog as opportunistic as Bossip, I was a tad shocked! If you actually care, feel free to download the movie featuring that Dolly Parton song.

TORRENT: The Bodyguard (1992) | Netflix

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Flick of the Week: Bebe’s Kids (1992)

9 Feb

This goes out to those badass little kids across the street that jacked all of my CDs. You should follow the little bastards on Twitter. Currently they’re silent, but that’s just because it is winter. They’ll be poppin’ back off this spring.

TORRENT: Bebe’s Kids (1992) | Netflix

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Flick of the Week: Road House (1989)

1 Feb

AMC has been running a Patrick Swayze marathon this week that has caught my attention. Road House is easily my favorite P.Swayze movie. The whole flick is filled with Munster. Who the fuck drives a new Mercedes, lives in a hayloft, does tai chi, and has a blind guitar playing sidekick? Oh yea, that would Dalton. This shit is awesome.

DOWNLOAD: Road House (1989) | Netflix

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Pole Action – The Exotic Dancing DVD

30 Jan

Chedda Mane Films has a new DVD available for purchase. Pole Action chronicles urban erotic entertainment across the country. A whole lotta asses jiggling. If you’re my friend on FB, you’ve already seen his work for Pure Passion East & West in Indianapolis. You can watch those videos below the cut.

BTW, I found this while learning that the Showstoppa Lil Nut has been freed from jail!

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Flick of the Week: 18 Again! (1988)

25 Jan

Classic 80’s cheese with George Burns and Charlie Schlatter switching bodies. I remember watching this on HBO as a kid and thinking I would never want to go back. Now, I couldn’t imagine the havoc I could create with the wisdom of age so young.

DOWNLOAD: 18 Again! (1988) | Netflix

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Flick of the Week: Street Thief (2006)

16 Jan

Sometime last week, I decided this must come back as a feature…This week’s selection is the cinema verite piece “Street Thief”, which follows the life of Chicago burglar Kaspar Carr as he breaks into everything from a grocery store to a strip club. When I first saw “Street Thief”, I was thoroughly convinced that it was an actual documentary. After a bit of research, I discovered that the film is actually a well scripted, low budget flick masquerading as a documentary. This is a must see, and I’m fairly positive it is on Netflix.

TORRENT: Street Thief (2006)

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All H.A.M. No Pineapples: The Life and Times of Tony Styxx (Video)

23 Dec

Meant to post this yesterday. Nifty little documentary about the Naptown poet, emcee, and beatbox Tony Styxx.

Looks like it was produced by Spitten Writtens.

12th Planet Documentary Trailer (Video)

11 Dec

We mostly eat meat, have bbqs, drink beer….stuff like that.

Had no clue this was coming until I was roaming Media Contender’s site. Shouts to 12thy for being the King of West Coast Dubstep! It’s been a massive couple years for you. You deserve every bit of it!

Figure – Dominate

18 Nov

Considering Figure will be stopping by Amber Room here in Indy on Monday, it’s a good time to post the young producer’s newest free tune.

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