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Simon Cowell presents: The DJ X-Factor (Video)

7 Mar

Dj Facebender is the TRUTH!

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Would You Hit It?: Tami Roman of Basketball Wives

5 Mar

If you follow this blog, you know I love the ratchet bitches of VH1’s and Bravo’s various wives series. This week’s poll is dedicated to the OG reality TV bitch Tami Roman. This woman has been a cunt since the second season of The Real World when she got David Edwards kicked off the show for accusing him of sexual assault for pulling over her blanket while she laughed. After getting the boot from Kenny Anderson, Tami has made her way to VH1 with the rest of her age demographic where she continues to be an instigating bitch. On the other hand, she is kinda milfy for being an obvious gold-digging hoodrat. So could you do it? Could you fuck her?

Poll below the cut.

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Old Man Smokes Herb for the First Time Ever (Video)

17 Feb

Yes, I love watching old people get and realize what they’ve been missing all of their lives. This might even be better than when I got blazed with my pops.

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Congrats to Skrillex on his Grammy Wins!

13 Feb

Sonny Moore won 3 of the 5 Grammys he was up for, and then he dedicated it to the entire EDM community. Shouts and thank you!

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Would You Hit It?: Big Ang of Mob Wives

8 Feb

A new character has emerged this season of Mob Wives: Big Ang. Big Ang is a 6 foot middle aged guidette that is addicted to wise guys and plastic surgery. I can’t find a single quality about her attractive other than that she seems like the downest bitch that ever was. On the other hand, she looks like her face was manufactured by Fisher Price and her tits seemed to be attached to the lower part of her rib cage. Could you do it?

Poll below the cut.

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Californication S5E05 – The Ride Along

8 Feb

It looks like we’re heading back towards Hank and Karen country. At least I have the ultimate degenerate Charlie Runkle to entertain me.

TORRENT: Californication S5E05 – The Ride Along

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Joan Rivers High as a Kite! (Video)

5 Feb

This is awesome. I wish my 78 yr old grandmother would get stoned. In a separate interview, Joan claims to have gotten high with Betty White!

Californication S5E04 – Waiting for the Miracle

31 Jan

If you’re not following this season of Californication, something might be wrong with you.

TORRENT: Californication S5E04 – Waiting for the Miracle

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Would You Hit It?: WWE Diva Kharma

31 Jan

After WWE Diva Kharma made her first post-pregnancy ring appearance at Royal Rumble this past weekend, I got to thinking … could I? Would I? This woman poses a number of issues. She’s a large female wrestler that looks even manlier than Chyna. Let’s be honest, there isn’t much attractive about her. She also just had a kid which means her vagina is like warm wading pool. On the other hand, she doesn’t appear to use steroids like Chyna, so she probably has a normal sized clit…. Hmmm…. so MUCH to ponder here.

Poll below the cut.

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Would You Hit It?: Chrissy Lampkin

11 Jan

If you’ve been watching this season (or even last) of Love & Hip-Hop, you know that Jim Jones’s chick Chrissy Lampkin has got some serious aggression issues. She has come to blows with both Kimbella and Yandy. She’s always talking about kicking someone’s ass. On the other hand, she’s fairly attractive. Could you smash a chick that could put a knife to your throat at any minute?

Poll below the cut.

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Jimmy Kimmel Challenge: I Gave My Kids a Terrible Present (Video)

15 Dec

There is nothing funnier than the look of disappointment on a child’s face. I full encourage all breeders to fuck with their spawn like this.

BG Looking Down The Barrel At 40 Years In Prison

11 Dec

Two lessons learned here. 1.) Let you security hold your gun, and if you can’t afford security, give it to your weed carrier. 2.) Cops can use Youtube to convict you!

I’m going to do an updated Top 10 Rappers Behind Bars sometime very soon!

Toddler’s Swag on a Hundred, Thousand, Trillion! (Video)

7 Dec

Reminds of me of Cosby’s “Kids Say The Darnedest Things”. Saw this over at Tosh.0’s blog.

Moron Terrorizes Intersection with Large Knife?!

4 Dec

The moron pictured above was apprehended last night on charges of criminal mischief, carjacking, and a hit & run. I guess the story goes something like this: IMPD received multiple reports of this jackass deflating the tires of cars stopped at 2th & MLK with a large knife. Shortly after reporting to the scene, officers learned that dipshit had stolen a vehicle across the street at the liquor store. I guess dude couldn’t drive too well because he was apprehended a few blocks away after slamming the stolen car into a parked car.

Full story at WTHR.

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Nicki Minaj x Victoria’s Secret Models (Video)

30 Nov

Ok, 10 posts later and I’m about to quit blogging and start working for the day. First I want to leave you with this lovely video of Nicki Minaj and some Victoria’s Secret models!

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