1. All posts must be accompanied by some sort of art.  Art includes images or videos.  Max video width is to be 500px.  Pictures MUST BE AT LEAST 500 px wide.  You don’t have to worry about pixel height.  I would suggest that each poster choose their own image style.  You should also try to work the MHC logo or URL into most of your images for important posts like interviews, but this is not an absolute requirement.  Make sure you set a feature image for each post.  All featured images should be work safe and placed below a break.  Also, because the featured images function automatically creates a cropped version of the feature image at the top of the post on the main page, do not lead a post w/ your featured image.  Even if it is the only thing below a jump, go ahead and create a jump and put it there.

2. Titles need to be uniform like anything else.  If you’re posting a song, mixtape, album, or music video, please format the title as Artist – Title.  If it is something other than a song download, please include a parenthetical description like (Mixtape), if not already included in the title, (Album Stream), (Video) or something similar.  If you’re posting about a specific product, make the title the product name.  If you are posting pictures of a chick, please title your post as her “working” name.

3.  All links should be at the bottom of the post and should be formatted as such:

DOWNLOAD: Artist – Title (Remix)

4.  If the artist, model, person has previously been featured on MHC, please include a link to the previous post below the download link as such:

DOWNLOAD: Artist – Title (Remix)
PREVIOUS: Artist – Previous Post

5.  If you are quoting text from another site, use the quote tag, place text in quotes, and link to that site.

“Some bullshit from some site”


6. All posts should include at least 3 sentences of text.  Be funny.  Be snide and over critical.  Be enthusiastic.  Overall, be entertaining.

7. Include relevant story links in the body of the post

8. If a post is going to be longer than an image, 1 paragraph, 1 quote, and download links, please include a page jump after the first paragraph and quote.

9. Never leave a raw URL in a post.  Always link text.

Good: Artist

10. No one may post about their own shit.  If you rapped or produced the song, you can’t post it.  If that’s your mix, tshirt, tits, dong, whatever …. , you can’t post it.  Someone else can post it, but you can’t.  I want to avoid the site becoming a ton of self promotion.  The only exception to this rule is if you create content specifically for the site like photographs or videos for features and interviews.

11. Make sure to check the appropriate categories and include relevant tags to help people find the post.  Please keep your total categories and tags to a maximum of 9.  Anything more than that, and it will be excluded from WordPress’s tag search.

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