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Drake – Take Care (DJ Cable Edit)

2 Feb

DJ Cable flipped Drake’s mellow tune “Take Care” into Baltimore club jam that is a little more dancefloor friendly.

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Emynd – 1st & 15th Mixcast Vol. 42

1 Feb

Emynd is back with the 42nd edition of Crossfaded Bacon’s mix series “1st & 15th”.

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Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know (DLake & Morsy Remix)

25 Jan

2/3 of Claire Hux link up for a Bmore remix of “Somebody That I Used To Know” by Gotye.

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DJ Class – Represent My Shit

17 Jan

Just got this freebie from Unruly Records this afternoon!

DOWNLOAD: DJ Class – Represent My Shit

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The Weeknd – Echoes Of Silence (Emynd More On the Floor Remix)

23 Dec

Cross Faded Bacon co-founder Emynd dropped his take on the title track off The Weeknd’s newest mixtape.

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Scottie B – Golden Era Club Music Pt. 1, 2, & 3 [Mixtape]

2 Mar

Scottie B, the head of Unruly Records, recently dropped a 3 part mixtape featuring the best in classic Baltimore club joints.  I haven’t gotten a chance to all of these, but from my experience, anything that Scottie B drops is choice.   And considering Unruly is probably the dopest Bmore label, these mixes have to be great compilations of the now infectious Baltimore club sound!

DOWNLOAD:  Scottie B. – Golden Era Club Music Pt. 1 [Mixtape]
DOWNLOAD:  Scottie B. – Golden Era Club Music Pt. 2 [Mixtape]
DOWNLOAD:  Scottie B. – Golden Era Club Music Pt. 3 [Mixtape]

Illy x Houston – Tighten UP Podcast #2

8 Jan

My new favorite podcast just dropped their second edition of bassline madness.  Tighten Up from Illy and Houston showcases the best in Baltimore club, electro, dubstep, drum-n-bass, and other subbass genres.  This one features a ton of monster tracks and even kicks off with the J. Brookinz remix “The Fynal Countdown” ft. Illy and Grey Granite.  This is a must have if you are a multi-genre nut like me.  LONG LIVE THE BASS!

Tracklist coming hopefully.

DOWNLOAD:  Illy x Houston – Tighten UP Podcast #2

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Action Jackson – Wintry Mix

8 Jan

Some new Action Jackson to make your weekend a little more complete.  Typical Jackson steez with a blend of the best in hip-hop classics and new dance hits.  If you attend any of his residencies, you know exactly what you are getting into w/ this.

DOWNLOAD:  Action Jackson – Wintry Mix

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Grey Granite – Dance Til Death [Mixtape]

8 Jan

In celebration of the New Year, the Heavy Gunners decided to compile the label’s best dance tracks into a free mixtape.  If you follow Grey and team, you probably already have most of these tracks.  The one you tune you really need to grab off of here is the Grey Granite x Dead Flower collab “Help Me Up”.

Tracklist below the cut.

DOWNLOAD:  Grey Granite – Dance Til Death [Mixtape]

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Claire Hux – Hustle and Grindin [Live Video]

6 Jan

These guys just keep getting better … oh and i have a new single to post!

Ced Hughes – Jackers of the Swag [Claire Hux Remix]

8 Nov


Was chatting w/ DLake of Claire Hux and got linked on the CH remix of Ced Hughes’s jam “Jackers of the Swag”.  If you are down with Claire Hux, then you already know what to expect….club anthems for days!

DOWNLOAD:  Ced Hughes – Jackers of the Swag [Claire Hux Remix]

J. Brookinz – The Fynal Countdown ft. Illy & Grey Granite [CDQ]

8 Nov


I gave you the stream a couple of weeks ago, here’s download.  As a bonus, I threw up the Night Riders’ dedication to ugly girls which is also from Heavy Gun.

DOWNLOAD:  J. Brookinz – The Fynal Countdown ft. Illy & Grey Granite [CDQ] | Zshare
BONUS:  Night Riders – Don’t Get Me Wrong

Scott Matelic – Party People Promo Mix

3 Nov

CFB 006 Net Quality

Indianapolis’s very own Scott Matelic recently dropped his Party People EP on the Philadelphia based Crossfaded Bacon. The official release features a couple of originals from Scott as well as remixes by Emynd, King Tutt, and Scottie B.  Everything on the EP is a Bmore club banger.  In support of the EP, Mr. Matelic was nice enough to put together a promo mix featuring all of the tunes on the official release, a few remixes by Scott, and some local Indy heat.  I haven’t even listened to this yet, but having watched Scott’s flawless mixing week in and out @ OMG, I am fairly confident when I say that I didn’t have to know the mix is solid.

DOWNLOAD:  Scott Matelic – Party People Promo Mix
BONUS:  Scott Matelic – Hype

J. Brookinz – The Fynal Countdown ft. Illy and Grey Granite

24 Oct


Considering that I work w/ Grey and Brookz, I try not to post everything that they do here, but this tune is gonna be an anthem.  And well, I needed to post an update about all of the cool shit they are into right now.  A couple of months ago, J. Brookinz sent me the makings of this beat, and I about flipped.  The tune is a no brainer.  It turns an 80s rock anthem into a Bmore banger!  I started shuffling rough edits out to some friends I thought might dig it, and my guy Illy latched on to it.  The track eventually flushed itself out w/ verses from both Illy and Grey.  Right now you can just listen to it, but next week, Heavy Gun is giving the tune away for FREE!  Consider it a Thank You from everyone at HG to all the people that have supported the release of Heavy Gun’s first single on iTunes.

Stream:  J. Brookinz – The Fynal Countdown ft. Illy and Grey Granite

B. Rich – November 2009 Promo Mix

24 Oct


Not even sure how I got linked to this the other day, but I haz and now you haz!  B. Rich, a Pittsburgh, PA, native runs the gambit with his take on heavy bass featuring everything from dubstep to Bmore to fidget and back again.  Seriously, if it will thump, this dude’ll mix it.  On top of that, he has the support of heavy weights like Trouble & Bass, DJ Craze, and Designer Drugs.  He’s gotta be doing something right.

Tracklists below.

DOWNLOAD:  B. Rich – November 2009 Promo Mix Pt. 1
DOWNLOAD:  B. Rich – November 2009 Promo Mix Pt. 2

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