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Dev79 x Thrills – Between Your Legs

21 Dec

I think they’re trying to say that between your legs is like a galactic space war with Baltimore club rhythms. I could be wrong.

DOWNLOAD: Dev79 x Thrills – Between Your Legs

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Illy – WIlin’ Out / Sex Raps

4 Mar

iQ Entertainment continues their onslaught of releases with iQD009 from Illy!:

iQD009 finds iQ Entertaiment dropping 2 bangers from Philadelphia-based emcee and producer Illy.  The release liberates Illy’s classic collaboration with Bmore legends Uncle Jesse of Unruly Records fame and the follow up to last year’s smash “That’s My Steez” by Double on the Rocks! “Wilin’ Out” is an instant party anthem with a crazy Baltimore club backed beat and the insanity of Illy on the vocals.  On the flip side, “Sex Raps” takes a more electro house approach with production from CT Burners, but Illy keeps the verses hot all the same.  The release is out now exclusively on Beatport!

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Claire Hux – Hustle and Grindin [Live Video]

6 Jan

These guys just keep getting better … oh and i have a new single to post!

Swagg KidzZz – Ima Nerd

31 Jul


This shit is my summer anthem … I’m not even gonna lie.  Every time they get to the “Ima Geek, Geek, Geek,” I fucking smile and start singing a long.  If you aren’t hip on Swagg KidzZz or jerk yet, then you need to step your game up and get with the program.  No matter how none threatening a music genre is, LA always seems to find a way to put a lil bit of gangsta into it.

DOWNLOAD:  Swagg KidzZz – Ima Nerd

Claire Hux – Black is the New Wet [Mixtape]

21 May


Last fall I posted the first Claire Hux mixtape and asked if hipster-hop had went to far, well I am back to ask the same question.  At what point in time do you call enough babypowder enough?  When it blends B’more, electro, dubstep, and hip-hop?  When black becomes the new wet?  Yea that sounds about right.

CH’s second effort is a great blend of styles and genres that all make you want to move your feet.   Also, C.Hux upped their game and each of these tunes sounds like it was recorded in someplace other than a closet.  I loved Jammin’ on the One, but the biggest downfall of the release was the low quality of the recordings.  Make sure you check out my new favorite tunes One Night and Don’t Sweat Your Perm Out!

DOWNLOAD:  Claire Hux – Black is the New Wet [Mixtape]

DJ Cable – The Mash Down Vol. 2 [Mixtape]

2 Apr


DJ Cable is back with his newest mixtape The Mash Dow vol. 2 that I picked up over at AwwReady.edu.  All in all, I really dig the mix.  It features a little bit of everything including some dubstep and electro all mashed up with hip-hop.

Tracklist below the cut.

DOWNLOAD:  DJ Cable – The Mash Down Vol. 2 [Mixtape]

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Illy Emcee x CT Burners – Double on the Rocks [Single]

5 Feb


Further proving that stateside drum-n-bass has lost it’s mind and moved completely into hipster hop / electro / blog house, Illy Emcee (of the Brigade and LetMeRide215) teams up w/ CT Burners for this 2 track single release that is definitely on some rave type shit.  Mad thanks to Illy for linking me with these tunes.  Sorry it took me forever to get them up here.  I’m just slow lately.  Not even gonna fucking lie.

DOWNLOAD: Illy Emcee x CT Burners – Thats My Steez
DOWNLOAD: Illy Emcee x CT Burners – Sex Raps

Meet Claire Hux!

13 Nov

Has hipster hop gone too far?  Give a listen to Dlake and Symbol’s new Jammin’ on the One Mixtape and let me know what you think.  This duo from B’more and NYC are on some other level shit.  If you thought Kid Cudi was experimental, then these guys will blow your mind.

DOWNLOAD: Claire Hux – Jammin’ on the One Mixtape

M.I.A. – Boys (Remix) f. Wale and Jay-Z

10 Oct

From Shake and Mekka:

And so it begins… Wale jumps on M.I.A.’s Boys as well. But atleast we have a backstory courtesy of elitaste:

So back in June of 2007 Wale met with Jay while he was still at Def Jam. On the way out of the meeting, MIA’s “Boyz” video came on TV and Jay jokingly said to Wale, “Man I should test you with that beat” as they were walking onto the elevator. Wale had been touring Europe with Ronson for about 2 months at this point and had hung out with MIA so he was already savvy. He went and recorded to it the next day. That song ended up becoming The Bmore Club Slam which Scottie B produced (featured on Mixtape About Nothing). Well, with the recent success of MIA’s “Paper Planes” thanks to the Pineapple Express trailer, Interscope is re-releasing her album with “Boyz” as a single…again. Interscope asked Wale to do a remix and I guess Jay-Z and Akon did ones too. Well now that Jay’s is out we thought, hey, let’s put this out with the verse Wale recorded 3 weeks ago and a brand new verse he recorded today. So below you can find the newest version, the 2007 version and the Bmore version.

DOWNLOAD: M.I.A. – Boys (rmx) f. Wale | 2007 | Bmore
BONUS: M.I.A. – Boys (rmx) f. Jay-Z [NoTags]

K-Swift: the New Hip-Hop Conspiracy Theory

23 Jul

K-Swift, the Baltimore Queen of Club, drowned in her pool the other night.  The coroner’s report hasn’t even been released, and the inturwebz are already running wild with the notion of conspiracy theories.  This makes me wonder had the internet had been as prevalent in 1996 /1997 as it is now how terrible the Big and Pac theories would have ran rampant.

Does everything have to be a plot?  Can’t a bitch just get drunk and drown in her shitty above ground pool?

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R.I.P. K-Swift, the B’more Club Queen!

21 Jul

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, it has been pretty fucking hard to not hear about K-Swift and the revival of B’more Club music.

Las night she passed away after an accident in her above ground pool.

Rest in Peace!

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