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Flick of the Week: Ali G Indahouse (2002)

14 Mar

After my Armand Van Helden post, I really felt like I needed to show some love to my favorite junglist stereotype. Tons of laughs in this one, and Rhona Mitra is fucking hot! Keep it real! If you are familiar with Bruno and Borat, this is completely different because it is actually a scripted movie.

TORRENT: Ali G Indahouse (2002) | Netflix

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Brits Prefer Cruise Ships to Cigarette Boats!

22 Oct

I’m not really sure what to say … 1.) I can’t believe that coke is so expensive in the UK; 2.) Whatsup w/ all of the funny coke stories being from the UK this summer (Granny, the Dingy, etc.); and 3.) I don’t remember this type of shit happening on the Love Boat.

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