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Charles Hamilton – Happy New Year

1 Jan

Charles seems to be making his return to the world in 2012 after a fairly quiet 2011. Hopefully his stint in the loony bin and then rehab has brought back the Charles Hamilton behind TAFIETU.

Spotted at Pigeons and Planes.

DOWNLOAD: Charles Hamilton – Happy New Year

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Charles Hamilton – Normalcy [FreEP]

6 Jan

Back in June when Charles Hamiton disappeared and was dropped from Interscope, I was a bit heart broken … no lie.  I really like this dude’s steez.  Now, the time has come for Charles to re-emerge with another tremendous free release.  I’m not sure how the dude does it, but he is one of the prolific artists out.  This release is Charles at his best with a ton of creative rhymes over production that was done solely by himself.  Fuck all the bullshit … CH is the TRUTH!

DOWNLOAD:  Charles Hamilton – Normalcy [FreEP]

Charles Hamiton – Rockin’ That Pink

7 Oct


Ok, so Charles Hamilton disappeared from the game a few months back now, but somehow illroots came through with a link on some new/unreleased ish.  The track is CH doing his Sonic thing, but I can definitely see why this shit wasn’t on This Perfect Life.  Anyway, I am still kinda hoping that Mr. Hamilton returns to the game soon and starts making new music.

DOWNLOAD:  Charles Hamiton – Rockin’ That Pink

Charles Hamilton – The Perfect Life [Unreleased Album]

23 Sep


A week or two ago, I tweeted something about wondering where the hell Charles Hamilton has been for the past three months.  A few days ago, various blogs like RapRadar began reporting that Charles had been dropped from Interscope.  I’m not sure if this confirms it or not, but here is a full leak of Charles Hamilton’s indefinitely shelved release “The Perfect Life”.  Just for all you Detroit fools, the J.Dilla executive production credit remains!

DOWNLOAD:  Charles Hamilton – The Perfect Life [Unreleased Album]

MHC’s Top 10 – May 09

9 Jun


Wow, I am late w/ everything.  This was supposed to be posted like … a week ago, but I’m a slacker as previously mentioned.  The stand out track of the month was Dopeman by Pusha T and Cookin’ Soul.  As expected, everyone and their brother decided to jump on the beat w/ the best combination being Weezy, Push, and Kool G Rap.  The rest of the countdown is the typical cast of characters.

Full countdown below the cut.

DOWNLOAD:  MHC’s Top 10 – May 09

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Charles Hamilton – Tears of Fire ft. Crooked I x Barbara Walters

18 May


Charles went silent for a couple of months on the mixtape tip, and that appears to mean that he was actually recording his studio debut for Interscope.  These are the first two leaks off of his album This Perfect Life, dropping June 23rd.  Both joints are typical Sonic joints featuring psychadelic production and rhymes.  It still boggles my mind how this dude is getting a major label release.  Seriously … nothing since Brooklyn Girls has had a mainstream feel.  I feel like dude would be better suited for an indie label, but WTF do I know?

PS. Fuck Rhymefest … old ass fool.  😉

DOWNLOAD:  Charles Hamilton – Tears of Fire f. Crooked I | Mediafire
DOWNLOAD:  Charles Hamilton – Barbara Walters | Mediafire

DJ Benzi x Dope Couture – The Jetsetters [Mixtape]

11 Mar


DJ Benzi and Dope Couture dropped this mixtape a week and a half ago that features everyone in hip-hop that I’m jiving with except Wale.  Oh well, you can’t get everything you want I guess.  Anyway, cop this shit, because it features some nice tracks by the likes of Charles Hamilton, Cool Kids, Kid Cudi, and Pacific Division.  Also, make sure to check DC’s new line of tshirts that are hot as hell.

DOWNLOAD: DJ Benzi x Dope Couture – The Jetsetters [Mixtape]
Purchase Jetsetters t-shirts @ DC

MHC Top 10: February 2009

27 Feb


So I haven’t been posting as much “mainstream” hip-hop here lately, so I thought I would help try to even that out by posting a monthly top 10 of my favorite hip-hop/rap tunes.  I am going to to do my best not to include any electro or other ish in this list.  Due to the nature of most of the content on this list, I would download this quickly before it gets yanked.  This month’s number 1 is “Uptown” by Drake featuring Bun B & Lil Wayne.  Wayne’s verse at the end is my new fucking anthem … seriously …

I am the leather jacket, black glasses, all american bad boy
I own the swagger supermarket an you, you just a bag boy
Cause I got that swag boy, the swag you neva had boy
Hate an I will leave ya chest the color of my flag boy
Su Woo bitch, I do this shit, I’ll erase you like I drew you bitch
An I keep that toaster you can come an be my screw biiiitch
I’m so uptown, an mothafucker if you ain’t don’t go uptown, yeah
And know I’m on that rock shit,
But why they let me in?  I’ma start shootin at a mosh pit, haha
Fuck is you talkin bout, Weezy in ya mouth now
Weezy whatchu talkin bout

Full track list below the cut.

DOWNLOAD: MHC’s Top 10: February 2009

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Charles Hamilton – Well Isn’t This Awkward [Mixtape]

13 Feb


Sonic the Hedgehog does it again by bringing you another great mixtape about womanizing and love.  I hated this kid at first, but the more and more I listen to him, the more I am really digging his style.  He’s bringing something to hip-hop that has been missing for a long time … lyricism, creativity, and vocabulary.  If he hadn’t dropped out of HS, I would totally ask what this kid’s SAT verbal score was.

UPDATE: And now that I know this shit is all about Rihanna, this shit is even doper than it was a few hours ago when it was posted.

Tracklist + Art below.

And with this post, I have finally cleared my post-queue for the first time in a month!

DOWNLOAD: Charles Hamilton – Well Isn’t this Awkward [Mixtape]

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Charles Hamilton – Sweetheart (Take It Back)

21 Jan

So I’m just the worst type of felon to you, because I hurt hearts tellin’ the truth.

Damnit, why am I digging this song so much?  Oh yea, I know ….

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