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Cocaine Substitute Eats Flesh

16 Jan

A 34-year-old woman in New Orleans recently lost her arm and one of her breasts to necrotizing fasciitis — sometimes known as “flesh-eating disease” — after injecting herself with the dangerous new drug known as “bath salts.”

For the past couple of years, headshop drugs have become increasingly popular. With “legal” alternatives to everything from weed to cocaine available, kids are failing to realize how these drugs are made. Spice is potpourri sprayed with an industrial chemical similar to THC dissolved in acetone. Bath salts are a research chemical known as MDPV, which was fairly hard to get until recently. If something has to be sold as “not intended for human consumption” to be legal, then it probably shouldn’t be injected into your body.

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Pusha T – What Dreams Are Made Of (Video)

10 Jan

Neighborhood Push doesn’t even attempt to mask the cocaine in his rhymes with this video. I can’t believe I missed this last week. This is easily the best video I have seen in 2012.

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Mexico Captures Largest Mexican Cartel’s Security Chief

27 Dec

Mexican authorities said Monday that they had dealt a blow to the country’s most powerful drug cartel with the capture of a top lieutenant — but didn’t say if they were any closer to capturing the gang’s elusive leader.

Felipe Cabrera Sarabia, known as “The Engineer,” allegedly ran operations for the Sinaloa drug cartel, Mexico’s most powerful, in the northern state of Durango and in part of the northern state of Chihuahua, Chief Army spokesman Gen. Ricardo Trevilla told a news conference. Cabrera, wearing a bulletproof vest, was paraded before the news media in what has become a common practice for law enforcement authorities following major arrests.

The government parades this dude around like a big game kill, but they all have to wear masks so they won’t be slaughtered like livestock.

Full story @ WashPost.

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ATF Poses As Record Label and Arrests 70 Idiots

20 Dec

ATF and DCPD collaborated on a recent investigation where law enforcement posed as a record label with a complete recording studio to catch wannabe gangsta rappers. Five-o created Manic Enterprises in NW DC with fictional rap artist Richie Valdez. From there, they began linking up with hoodrats all over the DMV and even a supposed Mexican cartel link in ATL. I wonder how many rappers are questioning their new label right now.

It’s been a bad year for hip-hop and the Feds. Jay-Z’s old partner Biggs got popped for being one of the largest weed suppliers for NYC, and Jimmie Henchmen is currently sitting behind bars while he awaits trial on being the kingpin in a major cocaine ring that used music equipment to smuggle powder from CA to NY. I guess the Feds finally started listening to the music.

Full story at Bossip.

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Sam Hurd: Athlete Turned Gangsta

18 Dec

You hear about new rapper that wants to pretend they’re a gangster every other day of the week, but with all of the money pro athletes make, it is not often you hear of a baller turning to crime. This past week Chicago Bears player Sam Hurd made the epic jump from the scrimmage line to the lineup by attempting to buy kilos of cocaine and thousands of pounds from tree. Maybe someone will get a “Free Sam Hurd” tattoo on their face..

Full story at ESPN.

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Lingerie Model Turnt Cocaine Queenpin, Kinda

7 Mar

Angie Valencia learned one thing from her ex-boyfriend: how to sell blow.  The former lingerie model has recently been arrested for trafficking cocaine between Latin America and Europe.  To make it even better, she was using models as mules.  Her empire began to unravel when a 21 year old model was found with 100 pounds of coke at a British airport.

Full story @ NY Daily News

The World’s First Cocaine Bar Is Open for Business

12 Sep


La Paz, Bolivia is the location of the world’s first cocaine bar Route 36.  Route 36’s sole purpose is to serve up the best Bolivian blow to tourists traveling through the region.  It was bound to happen once Amsterdam became a pilgrimage destination for bud smokers.  Coke heads just needed to find a country willing to put up with their schens.  As a mountainous outlaw country that already receives most of it’s income from cocaine manufacture, Bolivia is an obvious choice.  So for all of coke-head hipsters that read this blog, La Paz is your new Mecca!

Full story @ The Guardian

cRapper Turnt Preacher Vol. 4

11 Jun

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Never get it twisted: Clipse are probably my favorite duo currently in the game and have been for a long time.  However, this shit that Malice keeps putting out under the pretense of a vlog is slightly overboard.  Do we really need someone to school the youth on street knowledge via Vimeo?

Lost & Found: $1.6 Mil of Cocaine at Heathrow Airport

9 Jun


One ballsy traveler lost his determination recently when they left 20 kilos of blow from Mexico sitting on the luggage return conveyor belt at London’s Heathrow Airport.  After a few trips around, airport employees noticed the luggage and aleterted authorities.  That must really suck to lose that kind of investment.  This comes at a time when the coke market is up 15% in the UK.

Full story @ Telegraph.co.uk

Wanna Get High? Breathe Spanish Air.

18 May


Spanish scientists recently found traces of coke, marijuana, and acid in the air in Barcelona and Madrid.  The authorities report that the amounts found in the air couldn’t get anyone high, but I still find it funny.  According to the study, airborne drug levels increased over the weekend, suggesting that drug use increases on the weekend in these cities.  That seems to support the theory of weekend warriors that party from Friday thru Sunday.

Full story @ SFGate


11 May

These guys must be the most ingenious cokeheads ever!  Some of the shit that ppl come up w/ for the iPhone is a tad bit ridiculous.

Clipse’s Manager Caught up in $10 Mil Drug Ring

6 May


Clipse has been rapping about pushing weight for the past 10 years, and when they have lacked a label deal, they have always seemed to have the most cash, so it’s no surprise to anyone that their manager was the connect mentioned in all of their songs.  Just go and relisten to Hell Hath No Fury and try to tell me that shit was autobiographical.  My new questions is whether or not the impending indictment of their manager has led to their recent decrease in blow references.  Kinda Like a Big Deal ft Kanye contains very few mentions of moving bricks.  Just a thought ….

Full story @ MTV.com

Are the Mexican Cartels Forming el Comisión?

15 Mar


Not that I give FOX News much credit, but this is kinda interesting to me.  The DEVIL is reporting that due to increased border patrols the Mexican Cartels are beginning to co-operate and share border access with each other.  This possibility poses a number of questions in my mind.  It is estimated that the total number of cartel footsoldiers in northern Mexico exceeds 100,000.  The Mexican Government has deployed 50,000 soldiers to the same area.  If the cartels took a cue from American organized crime and formed a governing body to help facilitate cooperation, they would outnumber law enforcement 2 to 1.  With numbers like that, it would be nearly impossibe to combat the cartels and their flow of drugs over the border

Full story @ FOX News

Mexican Cartels Earn $30 Billion Annually

20 Dec


Supposedly the Mexican cartels are earing more than $30 billion every year, which is fucking nuts!  Mexico is quickly become a major global distribution hub for herion, cocaine, marijuana, and meth probably due to lax drug laws and complete lawlessness near the US border.  It is also believe that 7,000 lives have been lost in various skirmishes between warring factions.  But hey, how else are they going to pay for their private zoos!

Full Story @ the Independent

Mumbai Terrorists Use Coke & Meth!

8 Dec

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It’s not the first time this has been tried.

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