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Grey Granite – Lay U Down [Cool Hand Lex Dubstep Remix]

16 May


I am not even going to lie … this is an odd marriage of musical styles, but I am really digging Cool Hand Lex’s dubstep take on Grey Granite’s lead single “Lay U Down” from as of yet untilted album.  When I heard the first rough cut of this tune, I was a lil worried because once the bass kicked in, the whole track went flat, but after a few mastering sessions, I think CHL got it right.  The beat is minimal and the bass thumps.  Dubsteppery FTW!!

DOWNLOAD: Grey Granite – Lay U Down [Cool Hand Lex Dubstep Remix]

Tyler Stewart – Big Silly Mix

14 Jan


The infamous Tyler Stewart debuted his new Big Silly Mix on the Circle City Mixshow the other day, and I meant to pust it up but have been slacking.  If you listened to Stew’s mashup of zombies, then you kinda know what to expect out of homie (a lot of hip-hop acapellas and house remixes).  Overall, I really dig the track selection but feel like it was mixed a bit slow.  I give it a big brotastic 3/4 Wii controllers.

Oh, and come see Stew play @ Designer Drugs on January 29th!

DOWNLOAD: Tyler Stewart – Big Silly Mix

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