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Bro Safari – Media Contender Podcast 14

29 Jan

The Media Contender podcast series continues to crank out amazing mixes from some of the hottest producers. This month’s podcast is from one of my favorite current producers Bro Safari aka Knick of Evol Intent. In the past few months, Knick has become one of the brightest stars in the moomahton sky with tropic originals. Download the mix and make sure to read the interview over at MC.

Tracklist below the cut.

DOWNLOAD: Bro Safari – Media Contender Podcast 14

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Evol Intent – Punchout!

23 Dec

8 bit bass madness from Evol Intent.

DOWNLOAD: Evol Intent – Punchout!

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Evol Intent – Hard Bass Dealers Podcast Vol. 36

21 Dec

More pound your face against the fireplace bass music from Evol Intent just in time for Christmas. Sorry I missed this last week. I’ll try to be more timely in the future or something.

Tracklist below.

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Bro Safari – Da Worm [JEFF002]

14 Dec

The second release from Mad Decent’s new label Jeffree’s comes from Evol Intent and Ludachrist contributor Knick in his Bro Safari moniker producing some serious moombahton. I think I’m going to start bouncing around my room now.

DOWNLOAD: Bro Safari – Da Worm [JEFF002]
PREVIOUS: Expendable Youth – Heyo! [JEFF001]

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Evol Intent – Hollow Earth / Da Choppa [EI020]

5 Dec

Evol Intent’s new single “Hollow Earth” / “Da Choppa” hit digital stores tomorrow! Good to see someone keeping American drum-n-bass alive!

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Foster The People – Call It What You Want (Treasure Fingers Preparty Radio Edit)

30 Nov

Who doesn’t need a little mid-week disco relief? Time to get funky!

Sorry about the really bad feature image. I wish everyone would upload hi-res artwork to SoundCloud.

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MHC Exclusive Interview w/ Evol Intent and Lord Deucifer

28 Feb

This interview is from a few months back when Evol Intent was in Indianapolis to perform at the Juxtapoze Tuesday nights.  This was supposed to be followed up with an email interview that never took place *ahem, cough,*.  Make sure you hit the cut for my interview with Gigantor concerning his battles w/ Lord Deucifer!

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Wu-Tang Meets the Indie Culture Vol. 2: Enter the Dubstep

12 Nov


As soon as I heard about this project, I got hyped.  Fuck … I mean … it’s Wu-Tang Clan and dubstep.  What’s not to love?  Yea … then I heard the first two singles.  From that point, I knew I was gonna be disappointed.  The singles were poorly executed and probably some of the worst tracks on the project.  Then I got the whole album the other day.  At first I thought it was complete garbage.  It’s just a bunch of Wu-Tang affiliate dubstep remixes.  However, I must admit that a few of the tracks have grown on me.

Normally I would drop the whole release, but I don’t feel like getting a c&d today, so I am just gonna post a couple of tracks that weren’t featured as singles.  You can decide if you want to take the time to find the rest of the album.

DOWNLOAD:  Killah Priest, M-80, Doe Boy, & Son One – Keep Hustlin’ [Trillbass Remix]
DOWNLOAD:  Raekwon x DJ Paul – Let’s Get It [Evol Intent Remix]

Evol Intent – Unconditional Evol Promo Mix

28 Oct


In support of their Unconditional Evol tour, the Evol Intent boys have turned out a new radio mix featuring new and classic joints.  It’s a proper representation of the drum-n-bass bad boys condensed into 30 minutes.  If you dig it, then make sure you are at the Melody Inn on Tuesday, November 17, when the ATL trio descends upon the stage to destroy the subs and cause a ruckus on the dance floor.

DOWNLOAD:  Evol Intent – Unconditional Evol Promo Mix

Ludachrist Live @ the Roxy Theater in Hollywood!

4 Aug

I got these in my email last night from Ludachrist’s manager.  Ludachrist is a mashup collaboration between two of the hottest producers in American dance music, Knick of Evol Intent and Ewun aka Kill The Noise.  From the video, it looks like their live show is based around fun just as much as their mix.  The videos were shot at the Roxy Theater in Hollywood sometime recently

Hit the jump for a download link to their mix Bangfest and more video!

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