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Kid 606 – Ejaculazer Tag EP

13 Mar

Yep, you’re right. I only paid attention to this because of the name. On the flip, its actually a fairly dope instrumental hip-hop project.

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Zen Death Squad – Wild City 014 (Mix)

30 Jan

New glitch-hop mix from rising stars Zen Death Squad. Watch for their next release EP2 to drop sometime very soon.

Tracklist below

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Bassnectar – Heads Up (The Glitch Mob Remix)

12 Jan

New freebie remix by The Glitch Mob of Bassnectar’s “Heads Up”.

DOWNLOAD: Bassnectar – Heads Up (The Glitch Mob Remix)

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Shy Guy Says – The Doctor

9 Dec

With all of the fuckery that ensued after I posted this kid last time, I felt like I owed the kid a second try. This track is more of what I expected from someone that is being described as a glitch-hop badass. Congrats. Big sounding tune here.

Now go talk some shit on your Facebook wall…

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The Glitch Mob – Black Aura ft. Theophilus London

4 Dec

In preparation for the release of their new album, The Glitch Mob are opening their vaults and giving away some massive tunes. The first is 2009’s “Black Aura” featuring Theophilus London. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: The Glitch Mob – Black Aura ft. Theophilus London

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Shy Guy Says – Smiling Is Mandatory

7 Nov

Just a few months ago I had never heard of a local performer named Shy Guy Says, and now he seems to be on the tip of every party kid in Indianapolis’s tongue.  Having not heard anything of the kid, I was excited to check out a track I found today on IndyMojo.  Based purely off of this track, I’m not sure what they hype is all about.  I dig the tune, but it’s nothing I find exceptionally awesome.  Hopefully catching a live performance will change my opinion.

DOWNLOAD: Shy Guy Says – Smiling Is Mandatory

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Flying Lotus – I Feel Like Dying x Robo Tussin ft. Lil Wayne

10 Dec

Los Angeles based glitch hop producer Flying Lotus dropped his take on a couple of Weezy tunes.  The Brainfeeder captain took some classic verses from Weezy and chopped them up into a psychedelic take on the NOLA king.  Tons of great melodies that blend well w/ distortion.  Must have for heavy bass/glitch hop fans!  Instrumentals included as well!!!

DOWNLOAD:  Flying Lotus – I Feel Like Dying x Robo Tussin ft. Lil Wayne

Mary Anne Hobbes x Lorn – BBC Radio 1 Experimental [Mixtape]

4 Nov


Mary Anne Hobbes, the radio DJ that broke dubstep to the world, recently featured American producer Lorn on her mix show Experimental on the BBC’s Radio 1.  Lorn is part of the now popular stateside glitch-hop scene that seems to blend classic trip hop w/ crazy time delays and other effects.  Someone compared him to edIT, but I think he is more akin to the glitchy downtempo stuff that Evol Intent did on their last album.  Either way, this minimix is well worth the listen.

DOWNLOAD:  Mary Anne Hobbes x Lorn – BBC Radio 1 Experimental [Mixtape]

DJ 0.000001 & Mochipet – Eazy E On Atari EP

8 Sep


If you pay slightest bit of attention to this blog, you know that I love old school gangsta rap mixed with heavy bass all glitched out.  Next to the Dubstep LA mixtape, this is the project that I am probably the most hyped on currently.  Eazy-E was undoubtedly a legend to me when I grew up listening to NWA.  With that said, Mochipet and 0.0000001 chose a great artist to remix for some heavy bass debauchery.  With three solid tracks, I am surprised that there hasn’t been more hype behind this release.  It’s definitely a must have for any low-end head.

DOWNLOAD:  DJ 0.000001 & Mochipet – Eazy E On Atari EP

The Glitch Mob – Crush Mode [Mixtape]

3 Apr


I feel bad because I am always trying to stay up on all of my favorite artists or anyone that I am interested in bringing through Indianapolis, I have been contemplating bringing edIT here for a minute, and I missed this release by the Mob in Janauary.  For anyone into glitch or mashup, the Gitch Mob has been ahead of the curve for years, and this mix keeps them in that position.  My only complaint is this … a single member of TGM for a DJ set is not worth $2k on a Thursday night.  Oh well, I hope everyone enjoys the mix.

DOWNLOAD:  The Glitch Mob – Crush Mode [Mixtape]

Mattb – Lazer Generation [Mix]

3 Mar


So I’m checking my email the other morning and I get a message from Mattb, this glitch dj/producer in Tokyo, wanting me to check out his stuff.  Feeling democratic and shit, I went ahead and gave his stuff a listen.  Oddly enough, I’m feeling it.  Hopefully he keeps sending me cool ish.

DOWNLOAD:  Mattb – Lazer Generation [Mix]

Megasoid – Remix Runners Mixtape

10 Jan


Saturday is about to become new music day.  Last night my friend the Bek sent me LMFAO, and this morning Motif schooled me on Megasoid.  After listening to the tunes on their Myspace, I decided to download their 2 mixtapes and was fairly impressed.  This Canadian crew blends glitch hop and heavy bass in a way that is fun beyond all belief.  I’m including a previous mix they did as a bonus.

DOWNLOAD: Megasoid – Remix Runners Mixtape
BONUS: Megasoid – Tank Thong

Squincy Jones – Nintendub

30 Dec


Ok, so I know I’m relatively late on posting this, but I’m not a total dubstep fanboy like some people I know. *cough, cough*

Houston’s mash-up/dubstep dj Squincy Jones creates a heavy bass masterpiece that brings together everything fun about subwoffers including a touch of chopped and screwed.  His blog AwwReady.edu is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs to watch for heavy bass tunes … remember that Kid Cudi remix last week?  Give the kid a listen and let me know what you think.  He’s gonna be making an appearance in Indy on Saturday, March 7th @ Therapy Nightclub & Lounge.

DOWNLOAD: Squincy Jones – Nintendub
BONUS: Squincy Jones x Dayta – MK ULTRA

Kid Cudi – Day N Nite [Hold the Phone Remix by Jayou]

20 Dec


Just found this grimey-ass dubstep remix of Kid Cudi’s most well known tune over at Awwready.edu.  If you are into dubstep/mashup/glitch-hop shit, then give it a listen.

DOWNLOAD: Jayou – Day N Nite
BONUS: Jayou – Crack Hands
BONUS: Jayou – Ghost

Ludachrist Live @ the Roxy Theater in Hollywood!

4 Aug

I got these in my email last night from Ludachrist’s manager.  Ludachrist is a mashup collaboration between two of the hottest producers in American dance music, Knick of Evol Intent and Ewun aka Kill The Noise.  From the video, it looks like their live show is based around fun just as much as their mix.  The videos were shot at the Roxy Theater in Hollywood sometime recently

Hit the jump for a download link to their mix Bangfest and more video!

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