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Grey Granite – Mighty Hungry (Video)

1 Mar

Dude is keeping true to his promise of going for the gold this year.

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Grey Granite – I Am Not

9 Feb

I’m trying to keep from posting everything that HG puts out, but I had to post this. This might be the best piece of work I’ve heard from Grey in the pasts few years. It is a heartfelt narrative that I think is accessible to every listener. Furthermore, it doesn’t sound whiny like Grey’s diatribes can come off as. Dude needs to make more music of this caliber.

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J. Brookinz x Grey Granite – Thin Line

5 Feb

Decent track, but Brookinz’s verses need to be #rare, or he might be judged as a rapper.

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Grey Granite – Lifted ft. Blake Allee, Skittz, & Tony Styxx

30 Jan

Grey’s promo team sent this out last week. I guess it is supposed to be on the Beats and Breakfast compilation project. Speaking of B&B, what is up with all these Naptown rappers trying to do cooking shows? The OG show (yall know which one) is cool, but I’d like to see some originality. Instead of cooking, maybe you guys could knit or something. That’d be keepin it 1 hunnit!

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Grey Granite x Bob G. Barker x J. Brookinz – You Are Lame

15 Jan

Some new old Knox Haven has surfaced. Another #rare J. Brookinz (half) verse at the end.

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Grey Granite – Mighty Hungry

1 Jan

It appears Mr. Granite is hungry to make 2012 his year to pop. Hopefully that includes more contributions to MHC. *Hint, hint*

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Grey Granite’s Weekly Audio/Visual

30 Nov

Tears Of Joy – P. Hardy

via lethalbynature

Full image below

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Grey Granite’s Weekly Audio/Visual

19 Nov

its The Weekend!!!
enjoy a PIC & SONG from Grey Granite

This week’s artist – DOPE A$ F@ck … Hinx Jones and their video for “Turn It Up”.

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Grey Granite – Outta Control ft. Bob G. Barker (Video)

13 Nov

Not sure how I feel about the video, but “Outta Control” is one of the better tracks off Grey’s “PlayFair” EP.  I really want Grey to do a real follow up to his Killer’s mixtape.  To me that is still his best project to date.

Bonus video of Grey, Freddie Bunz, and Ed Trauma’s “Electric Kool-Aid Acid Experiment” project performing live in Terre Haute below the cut.

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Oreo Jones & Friends

8 Feb

Oreo Jones rallies all of his friends to benefit VH1’s Save The Music:

When a city embraces a new artist, it only feels right to give back to the community.  In that spirit, for his upcoming Oreo Jones and Friends EP, Oreo has joined forces with X103, Butler Scion, My Old Kentucky Blog, and Heavy Gun Recordings to assist VH1’s Save The Music. Protecting music programs in our schools is a cause near and dear to Oreo as his mother and aunts are public school teachers.  The project features collaborations between Mr. Jones and Jookabox, Woodhands, BLKNHBD, We Are Hex, Laura Balke, Grey Granite, and J. Brookinz.  The EP will be released on Thursday, January 13th for free, with listeners being encouraged to donate whatever possible to Save the Music via Heavy Gun’s Bandcamp.  All money donated through the Band Camp will be passed along to VH1’s Save The Music.  The release will also be accompanied by a free show and benefit raffle at Local’s Only that night with performances from Oreo, Jookabox, Andy D., and Grey Granite.

Who is Oreo jones?  This past spring, Oreo Jones took the hip-hop and indie music scenes of Indianapolis by storm with the release of his Delicious EP on Heavy Gun Recordings and was recently voted the 2nd favorite hip-hop act in Nuvo Newsweekly.  The Delicious EP was led by the success of his single “Good Times” which has been featured on several national music blogs and charted up to #4 on the Hypem.com Twitter chart.  In short, Oreo Jones is an artist that should be paid attention!


DOWNLOAD: Oreo Jones – Oreo Jones & Friends | Band Camp | Sound Cloud
Oreo Jones + Jookabox – Guiding Light | Sound Cloud
DOWNLOAD: Oreo Jones + Jookabox – Guiding Light (Radio Edit) | Sound Cloud


Happy 2011 from Heavy Gun

1 Feb

Heavy Gun kicks of 2011 with new music from Oreo Jones & Sinclair Wheeler, alpha.live & J. Brookinz, and Andy D. & Grey Granite!:

2010 saw Heavy Gun grow and mature from a group of like minded musicians into a full fledged label and movement within the Midwest hip-hop community and culminated with Heavy Gun being honored by Nuvo Newsweekly.  As a means of saying “thank you” to all of the fans, blogs, djs, and anyone that supported Heavy Gun in 2010, we give you this taste of what we have in store for you in 2011.  This sampler includes a Oreo Jones‘s and Sinclair Wheeler‘s remix of “Blame Game” by Kanye West, alpha.live rocking a J. Brookinz production, and a remix of Grey Granite‘s “Not A Robot” featuring Andy D.  With your help, Heavy Gun is set to make 2011 bigger and brighter than 2010!

Oreo Jones made a ton of noise in 2010, and he’s not about to stop in 2011.  On January 13th, Oreo is going to release his collaborative indie rock EP Oreo Jones & Friends featuring Jookabox, Woodhands, Ko of Slothpop, BLKNHBD, We Are Hex, Laura Balke, Grey Granite, J. Brookinz. DJ Metrognome, and Fair Fjola, which is a benefit project for VH1’s Save The Music between X103, Butler Scion, My Old Kentucky Blog, and Heavy Gun Recordings.  If you’re in Indianapolis, make sure you check out the free release show @ Local’s Only that night!  Also, Oreo is set to drop his follow up to the Delicious EP with producer 90lbs titled Super Model Death Dive sometime early this spring.

J. Brookinz, the highest man alive, had an extremely uplifting year with the success of his album The Gateway Drug: THC.  2011 will find the smokin’ producer rolling up the sequel to The Gateway Drug, as well as producing an EP for one of Indy’s dopest emcees alpha.live.  We’ve always considered alpha a member of the HG family; it just took the right set of circumstances to get him to wrap a project for us.  6 Shot is a 6 track of alpha getting live on J. Brookinz beats and will serve as the precursor to his album Soul Cinematic 1.5.

One of the founders of Heavy Gun, Grey Granite will continue his steady output of music from 2010.  Grey’s first new project of 2011 will be the release of a deluxe edition of Pixelated Lazer Face Bass Monster featuring a new original and remixes from Aaron Hogan, Andy D, Cool Hand Lex, Dave Wrangler, Infuze, J. Brookinz, Twenty-five Lighters, and Sonkin.  Watch for that to hit digital and Indianapolis music retailers in late February.  Additionally, Grey is completing work on a more traditional hip-hop release with DJ Metrognome featuring exclusive J. Brookinz production that should be dropping sometime before summer.

DOWNLOAD: Oreo Jones + Sinclair Wheeler – Blame Game | Sound Cloud
DOWNLOAD: alpha.live – The Come Up (Prod. by J. Brookinz) | Sound Cloud
DOWNLOAD: Grey Granite – Not A Robot Remix ft. Andy D. | Sound Cloud


Grey Granite & Oreo Jones – Turn It On (Prod. by El Carnicero)

26 Jul

Grey Granite and El Carnicero’s journey to Pixelated Lazer Face Bass Monster continues with second single “Turn It On” featuring Oreo Jones:

Picking up where “Not A Robot” left off, Grey Granite and El Carnicero roll out their second singe from Pixelated Lazer Face Bass Monster “Turn It On” featuring Heavy Gunner Oreo Jones.  “Turn It On” is a pure party jam with a bouncy beat and psychedelic synths that compels the listener to have a good time and dance.  Both Grey and Oreo bring their spit game on this one.  Grey is at home rhyming about his love of High Life, women and parties.  And Oreo doesn’t care because he “ain’t got no underwear.”  Pixelated Lazer Face Bass Monster is coming this summer!

Over the past couple of years, Grey Granite has consistently distinguished himself from other vocalists by perpetually reinventing his style and jumping on anything that catches his interest.  Starting with his legendary Amplifies the Killers project to his recent immaculate album Lust Poisons Pride, Grey has been one of the few artists in the Midwest to successfully go left and follow his sonic dreams. His creativity has recently garnered the support of Kick Kick Snare, Ruby Hornet, Loyal KNG, Noise Porn, Nuvo, and Musical Family Tree and several other media outlets.  Now with his partner J. Brookinz, the duo have launched Heavy Gun Recordings and are beginning next portion of their journey.

The man behind the crazy production on PLFBM is the one an only El Carnicero.  El Carnicero aka the Butcher aka Aaron Berg has been solidifying his name as master of heavy bass for the past several years.  In the mid 2000s as grime was making it’s way across the Atlantic to the States, El Carnicero teamed up with Philly based producers Starkey and Dev79 to form the now infamous Slit Jockey Records.  In the past, the Butcher has produced tracks for Doodlebug of Digable Planets, Warrior Queen, and RikoDan of the Roll Deep Crew.  Beyond his recent work with Grey, Aaron is currently working on a new project with New York rapper Elucid entitled CapricornOne.


DOWNLOAD: Grey Granite – Turn It On ft. Oreo Jones (Prod. by El Carnicero)
STREAM: Grey Granite – Turn It On ft. Oreo Jones (Prod. by El Carnicero)
PREVIOUS: Grey Granite – Not a Robot (Prod. by El Carnicero) | Sound Cloud
PURCHASE: Grey Granite & J. Brookinz present Lust Poisons Pride

Grey Granite & J. Brookinz present Lust Poisons Pride

8 Mar

Took me a second to get to this, but everyone already knows how I feel about Grey Granite and J. Brookinz.  You should phux w/ these two fools.

When I first heard “Lay You Down” over a year ago, I knew that this truly had something unique going on for them, but I was never prepared for the final album they handed me a couple of months back.  Lust Poisons Pride drifts into musical regions that the duo had never explored before.  My immediate thought was that it sounded like the bastard child of Prince and Trent Reznor.  Many of the songs seem industrial with their stompy drums, but Grey’s voice maintains a semblance of soul throughout the entirety of the album.  My personal favorite from the album still has to be “Off Safety” because the song seems to be the most focused representation of the duo’s sonic vision.

Stream live and make sure you purchase the album on iTunes.

Grey Granite – Dance Til Death [Mixtape]

8 Jan

In celebration of the New Year, the Heavy Gunners decided to compile the label’s best dance tracks into a free mixtape.  If you follow Grey and team, you probably already have most of these tracks.  The one you tune you really need to grab off of here is the Grey Granite x Dead Flower collab “Help Me Up”.

Tracklist below the cut.

DOWNLOAD:  Grey Granite – Dance Til Death [Mixtape]

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J. Brookinz – The Fynal Countdown ft. Illy & Grey Granite [CDQ]

8 Nov


I gave you the stream a couple of weeks ago, here’s download.  As a bonus, I threw up the Night Riders’ dedication to ugly girls which is also from Heavy Gun.

DOWNLOAD:  J. Brookinz – The Fynal Countdown ft. Illy & Grey Granite [CDQ] | Zshare
BONUS:  Night Riders – Don’t Get Me Wrong

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