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Kid 606 – Ejaculazer Tag EP

13 Mar

Yep, you’re right. I only paid attention to this because of the name. On the flip, its actually a fairly dope instrumental hip-hop project.

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Clams Casino – Swervin’ (Instrumental)

6 Mar

You have to love a producer that will just give away some of his hottest ish.

DOWNLOAD: Clams Casino – Swervin’ (Instrumental)

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Rittz – Walking on Air

1 Mar

The ATLien cracker with flavor is on a roll. When I first heard dude on Yelawolf’s “Box Chevy”, I would have expected dude to go this hard…

DOWNLOAD: Rittz – Walking on Air

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BBU – Beau Sia

20 Feb

Missed this last week, sorry. BBU’s new mixtape “Bell Hooks” should be out tomorrow for free download. I’ll try to be a bit more timely.


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Kendrick Lamar – Cartoon & Cereal

16 Feb

New music from West Coast’s best hope!

DOWNLOAD: Kendrick Lamar – Cartoon & Cereal

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Odi – Funky As Yo Last Cut (Mix)

13 Feb

Jump up drum-n-bass legend Odi recently moved to North Carolina from NYC. To help celebrate the move, he’s posted a few new mixes. Most were his typical dnb ish, but this caught my attention because it is filled with 90s hip-hop, house, and techno. Some serious gems in this mix. Oh yea, and it opens w/ PM Dawn!

Grey Granite – I Am Not

9 Feb

I’m trying to keep from posting everything that HG puts out, but I had to post this. This might be the best piece of work I’ve heard from Grey in the pasts few years. It is a heartfelt narrative that I think is accessible to every listener. Furthermore, it doesn’t sound whiny like Grey’s diatribes can come off as. Dude needs to make more music of this caliber.

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Freddie Bunz – We Must Go On

2 Feb

Freddie Bunz just dropped this remix of Pretty Lights’s “We Must Go On” earlier this week. This guy is quickly growing into a beast. Dude definitely out-shined his mentor CRayz Walz on that Blvck Rosaries track. Aiight man, you have my attention …

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Nerd Ferguson – Bitch, Where’s My Sandwich (Album)

1 Feb

If you actually follow MHC, you know that boom-bap hip-hop does very little for me. This, however, is actually fairly dope. Nerd Ferg is an emcee that is willing to be truly introspective and funny but also has a command of language. The obvious comparison to draw is to Donald Glover, but I don’t want to short dude that quickly. “Lesbi Honest” is my jam.

If you cop 1 #Naptown album in the near future, this would be my vote.

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Ace Hood, French Montana, Pusha T & Nathaniel – Untouchables

30 Jan

Coming soon from DJ Absolut.

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BBU – The Hood ft. GLC

25 Jan

BBU keeps rolling out singles in preparation for their album. This one features Chicago hero GLC.

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Ed Sheeran – You Don’t Know (For Fuck’s Sake) ft. Yelawolf

25 Jan

Yelawolf links up with the young British songwriter on the lead single from the latter’s upcoming Slumdon Bridge EP.

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Casey Veggeies – Fuckin’ Awesome

24 Jan

New music from Odd Future ex patriot Casey Veggies. I must say that I’m feeling pretty fuckin’ awesome right now.

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Nocando – Zero Hour (FreEP)

15 Jan

Westcoast art rapper Nocando dropped this 9 track freEP featuring production from Nosajthing and Busdriver.

DOWNLOAD: Nocando – Zero Hour (FreEP)

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Droop-E – Rossi Wine ft. Kendrick Lamar (Video)

2 Jan

2011 was a good year for the west coast w/ Kendrick Lamar, Odd Future, and Kreayshawn. I hope this year is as equally kind to the left.

Snagged from Heavy Gun.

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