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Meet Anna Gristina: The Soccer Mom Madam Worth $10M!

13 Mar

She was the $10 million madam.

Anna Gristina’s stable of 50 high-class hookers and the sexual appetites of her highflying clientele helped her reap millions of dollars — all of it cash, sources told the Daily News.

“She accepted no credit cards,” one source said of the upper East Side madam whose workers earned $2,000 an hour — or $25,000 for a lucrative weekend getaway in Europe or Asia.

Fuck Heid Fleiss, this bitch did it right!

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Beech Grove Councilman Paul Mobley Busted Trying to Buy $20 Blowjob!

6 Mar

A Beech Grove councilman was arrested earlier today after allegedly trying to solicit oral sex from a prostitute who turned out to be an undercover police officer.

According to the police report, Det. Tabatha McLemore of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department was in the 3600 block of East Washington Street about 11 a.m. when a man pulled over by the side of road. McLemore then walked over to the man, who was later identified as 63-year-old Paul Mobley.

The two agreed on $20 for oral sex. McLemore stated in her report that she told Mobley to pick her up behind a nearby building so that police won’t see. She began walking toward the building and Mobley started pulling forward, then hesitated and drove off.

I love it when local politicians fuck up!

Full story at the Star.

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LA Hooker Offers Services for Chicken McNuggets

23 Jan

A Los Angeles woman was arrested on suspicion of prostitution after she allegedly offered sexual favors in exchange for Chicken McNuggets, Burbank police said.

Khadijah Baseer was seen opening customers’ car doors in a McDonald’s drive-through on the 1700 block of Olive Avenue late Wednesday night, Officer Joshua Kendrick told the Burbank Leader.

A customer told police that Baseer asked for free Chicken McNuggets in exchange for sexual favors. The man said he declined the offer.

“Hey I got these cheeseburgers!”

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Nuns Attempt to Foil Super Bowl Prostitution

15 Jan

Picking up from efforts to stem sex trafficking at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, 11 women’s religious orders from Indiana and Michigan are working to stop sex trafficking at this year’s Super Bowl.

These prudes need to be stopped. There is a lot of money to be made off sex and other vices during the weeks leading up to Super Bowl, and these cockblocking bitches are hindering that! Honestly, I’d love to see a hooker fuck up a nun for messing with her money.

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Flick of the Week: Risky Business (1983)

2 Mar

If this movie doesn’t embody Money, Hoes, and Clothes, then I must not know shit on the subject.  Tom Cruise stars in the classic boy meets girl, girl’s a hooker that robs boy, boy falls for hooker, and they pimp her friends to his classmates to make back what the hooker stole.  Pure awesomeness!

TORRENT:  Risky.Business.(1993).DVDRip

Canadian Hookers Get Their Day in Court

6 Oct


A dominatrix and 2 hookers have somehow persuaded the Supreme Court of Ontario that consider the merits of legalizing prostitution in the province.  This is kinda funny to me.  As someone who supports the legalization of all non-violent behavior, I think it’s a great idea that governments are finally contemplating shedding laws that condemn purely personal actions.  Decriminalization and taxation are the best by which to handle undesirable behavior.  If someone wants to take part in these vices, then they can also contribute a little more than the people who don’t in order to make up for their decisions.  I guess all I can say is … “GO HOOKERS!!”

Full story @ CBC News

Creepy Old Dude Busted w/ Hooker in OKC [Video]

28 Sep

This video vigilante guys is a bit of a twat, but his vids are funny as shit!

British Policewoman Moonlights as a Hooker

13 Sep


A British policewoman was recently arrested for moonlighting as a hooker, how dope is that?  That might be about as good as the Indianapolis officer that was working as pimp with his wife last year.  The 29 year old started with the police in Northumbria, UK in 2002 and became a $200/hr hooker in 2006.  I guess the benefits package for police in the UK must suck.

Full story @ the Guardian.

Deacon Accused of Soliciting $30 Hooker

15 Aug


So a deacon in the Dayton, Ohio region was caught soliciting a prostitute, but the best part about the story is that he took her to his house and was only going to pay her $30 for intercourse.  What kind of good church man is going to hire a street-walker?  I dont get it.  If you are gonna pay for sex, at least steal $150 from the collections plate and get a Craigslist hooker.  At least you aren’t out picking up hoes off the street.  It’s safer and appears to be far better quality.

Full story @ WHIOtv.com

Craigslist Kills Erotic Services Section

13 May


After a recent string of killings linked to craigslist.com users, various prosecutors have forced the free classified ads site to close their erotic services section.  ERS was the best section on craigslist.  This is where you could find any type of “escort” to fullfill all of your sick fantasies.  You like fat chicks?  Cl’s got it.  Prostate massage?  Yerp.  Trannies? Yep … Seriously, if you wanted to fuck just about anything … CL could hook you up.  Now the section is being renamed “Adult Services” and will be moderated to prevent hookers from repopulating there.  My question is: won’t they just start posting in casual encounters like the broke hoes that can’t afford the $5 fee?

Full story @ ABC News

Dad Goes Hooker Hunting for Son

20 Apr


So a British father thought he woud be nice and hire a hooker to take his son’s viriginity, but instead he was arrested by an undercover cop and now has to register as a sex offender.  I think this is kinda fucked up.  Lord knows I wish my dad would have hired a good looking pro to help make the first time more comforting than that annoying skeezer I banged at a house party and never spoke to again.  Prosecuting the father for a child sex crime is worse than American kids being prosecuted for child porn in their txt msgs.

Full story @ Hucknail Dispatch

IMPD Officer Charged w/ Banging Hoes in Elementary School

14 Jan


An IMPD officer faces charges of misconduct for picking up a prostitute and taking her to the elementary school where he moonlights as a security guard to fuck her in the nurse’s office.  At first read, this story is jokes for days, but then I read one line and truly felt sad for this slob.  The hooker he would pick up only charged $40.  That must have been one ugly ass ho!

Full story @ IndyStar.com

Cop Rapes Hooker w/ a Baton!

30 Oct

A group of corrupt cops in Australia are facing charges that include taking freebees from street hoes, fucking a hooker w/ a baton, running a brothel w/ a drug dealer, and spending a weekend out of town doing drugs w/ a tranny.  It’s good to know that all cops are in some dirt.

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Ho Robs John of $62K!

13 Aug

Thats one daring and opportunistic hooker, but I can’t really blame her for trying.  What kind of dumbass takes out $62K in credit card advances and then goes hooker hunting?  I think this guy was looking to get rolled by a prostitute.

Can you imagine that 911 call?  “Hello, I just had a prostitute rob me of sixty-two thousand dollars in cash that I was intending on using in a hooker marathon this weekend.  Can you please send some police to get my ho-savings back?”

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Landlord Can’t Beat the D-Boys, So He Advertises for Them

3 Aug

A frustrated landlord in Cincinnati has given up on the police’s ability to clean up his neighborhood, so he recently installed a sign that says “Drugs & Sex For Sale 24/7” on his property.  If I were him, I would rent out my empty units to the hookers and dealers at hourly rates.

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