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Armand Van Helden – Untitled (Throwback Mix)

13 Mar

What would a trip down raver memory lane without Armand Van Helden? Classic 1992 house jams right here! I really should’ve just said “fuck it” and posted a picture of Ali G. Nevermind, I did.

Sorry, no tracklist here.

DOWNLOAD: Armand Van Helden – Untitled (Throwback Mix)

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Lemi Vice x Knife Fight – Moombra (Filthy Disco Remix)

1 Mar

Filthy Disco remix of Knife Vice’s “Moombra”. Knife Vices’s new EP is out Monday on Rad Summer.

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Odi – Funky As Yo Last Cut (Mix)

13 Feb

Jump up drum-n-bass legend Odi recently moved to North Carolina from NYC. To help celebrate the move, he’s posted a few new mixes. Most were his typical dnb ish, but this caught my attention because it is filled with 90s hip-hop, house, and techno. Some serious gems in this mix. Oh yea, and it opens w/ PM Dawn!

Emynd – 1st & 15th Mixcast Vol. 42

1 Feb

Emynd is back with the 42nd edition of Crossfaded Bacon’s mix series “1st & 15th”.

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Disco of Doom – Shake And Bake EP

30 Jan

New EP from Disco of Doom drops via Discobelle Records today. I’m really digging the Astronomar and Willy Joy remixes. It’s a little odd to be posting this shortly after posting the article about Shake-n-Bake meth.

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K. Sabroso – Garifunasty

29 Jan

Been meaning to post this new tropical biddy from K. Sabroso for a week or more. Keep it coming!

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Drop the Lime – Shake Baby Shake (PHNM Remix)

29 Jan

Rad Summer’s newest member dropped this remix of Drop the Lime’s “Shake Baby Shake” last week. Phenom flipped the rockabilly track driven almost exclusively by a bass guitar line into an electro house banger.

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Daft Punk x Treasure Fingers – Digital Dancefloor (Dorsh Mashup)

17 Jan

The homie Dorsh blended a couple of classic house tunes into a tasty mashup. Nice work!

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Astronomar – Back To The Beat (JEFF04)

22 Dec

It’s Thursday, so that means a new release from Jeffree’s. This week Astronomar takes the helm with a funky tropical set of tunes. I want to call it moombah, but I have no effing clue what it is. It’s good!

BONUS: JEFF003, Douster’s “Boom Shaka Laka” single is below the cut. Sorry I didn’t post it last week.

DOWNLOAD: Astronomar – Back To The Beat (JEFF04)

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Swedish House Mafia x Knife Party – Antidote (Video)

19 Dec

In 2011, dance music artists have really brought their A game for music videos, and this might be the best of the year. The new SWM x Knife Party video for “Antidote” conjures images of Hype Williams’ “Belly” and Prodigy’s “Smack My Bitch Up”. I think this is way doper than the Major Lazer x Party Squad collab video.

PURCHASE: Swedish House Mafia x Knife Party – Antidote
PREVIOUS: Knife Party – 100% No Modern Talking EP

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Tom Kerridge of Ramp – Fabriclive Mix

30 Nov


Good collection of house, broken beat, and other chill dance music. Good shit right hurrrrr!

Tracklist below the cut.

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Noise Floor Crew – Pre Party Jamz 79 [Mixtape]

28 Feb

Noise Floor Crew aka Marea & Rupert were recently tapped for Nicky Digital’s infamous PreParty Jamz mixtape series.  Using their typical blend of house, techno, and heavy bass, the duo whips of a mixtape that screams PARTY!

Tracklist below the cut.

DOWNLOAD: Noise Floor Crew – PreParty Jamz 79 [Mixtape]

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Mark Farina TONIGHT @ Blu + Mushroom Jazz Vol. 1

10 Dec

House music innovator Mark Farina is gracing the decks at Blu tonight along with Muzique Boutique crew of Slater Hogan, John Larner, Tyler Stewart, & Ashley Ross! This is a must see show for Indianapolis dance music heads.  In order to get everyone prepped for tonight, I decided to post Farina’s seminal release Mushroom Jazz Vol. 1 from 1997.  ENJOY!

DOWNLOAD:  Mark Farina – Mushroom Jazz Vol. 1 [Mixtape]

Jayvon – Drive! Pt. 1 [Mixtape]

10 Nov


It’s been another one of those weeks where it seems like everyone is dropping some sort of project.  One of my favorite DJs Jayvon just released a new mixtape full of original edits and flawless mixing.  Filled with remixes by Kill the Noise and B. Rich along w/ originals by Designer Drugs, the mix is definitely an exercise in bass.  When I first started listening to electronic music a decade and a half ago, I never would have expect the merger of sounds that’s happening in the US.  I hope this shit keeps moving forward!

Tracklist below.

DOWNLOAD:  Jayvon – Drive! Pt. 1 [Mixtape]

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UFO! – Back in NYC [Mixtape]

13 Sep


Having grownup a stateside junglist in the late 90s, I have several fond memories of dancing the Phunkatek crew, especially UFO!  Ed always knew how to blur the lines between house, techno, and drum-n-bass rather well, and this mix is a great example of his eclectic taste in music.  Featuring mostly bouncy tech and house rhythms, this mixtape never actually touches down in drum-n-bass.  However, I still dig it.  How can you not love that opens the same way as the movie Hackers w/ that killer Orbital track.  It’s that perfect feeling of touching down in NYC.

Full tracklist below the cut.

DOWNLOAD: UFO! – Back in NYC [Mixtape]

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